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  1. Ok Phil thanks for this. Trevor
  2. Hi I'm not sure if I am in the right area. I am entering data and creating a new record each time. I want there to be some kind of eit box automatically displaying the information that has just been entered, (info from all records). Thanks Trevor
  3. Hi Anyone know if it is possible to enter and save data using the same field(s)? For example, if you had 100 weather temperatures to record, so in the first field you enter the time of day, in the second field you enter the temperature then click a button to save this information. Then you enter the next figures in the same fields..? Thanks Trevor
  4. Hi john I am creating a financial database with one record for each month of the year. We are a charity and so claim tax relief from the government via the gift aid scheme on gifts we receive. So what I need to do is to be able to record each month the name of a person gving, and the amount they gave and then automatically calculate the gift aid claim (28%) I would like to have a tab on each moth with a field to enter the name, and a field to enter the amount. Then perhaps clicking a button to save that information before entering the next persons name and amount in the same f
  5. Hi I want to be able to enter information on one record of "name" and amount" but want to use the same fields over and over as there will be many entries. (Each record represents one month). Is there a way of doing this so that the user types in a name and amount and then hits a "save' button, saving the info so its not over written when you type the next 'name' and 'amount'? Thanks Trevor
  6. Hi Thanks, obviouse really! One of the pit falls of being a newbie! Trevor
  7. Hi Some progress. I get my records back when I click on 'show all records' in the record menu. What seems to happen is that when i use 'find' mode it finds the record, but when I go back to 'browse' I am still stuck ith that one record. Ideas appreciated! Trevor
  8. Hi Thanks for this. Any idea how I would include a screen shot? I am on a Mac. Trevor
  9. Hi I have created 12 records in my database but when I am in browse mode I cannot see them. I can find them in find mode on the left it says there are 12 records, just can't see them. Any help appreciated. Trevor
  10. Hi Thanks for your help, problem solved. Driving was successful but a tad impatient!
  11. Sorry, I meant "set filed" not "get field".
  12. Hi Thanks for this. Can't get it to work though. I have selected the "get field" command from the left and then typed the rest in in the specify calculation option. Is that right? Thanks Trevor
  13. Hi I am trying to add a bold button and a red button above a text box. Just want to highlight text and then bold it or change colour to red. But only the highlighted sections. I have followed links, and tried stuff. But just can't do it! This is becomming detrimental to my health! If anyone has done this already could you possibly post the actual scripts? Would be very much appreciated. Trevor
  14. Times like this you feel stupid! That worked thanks. Only trouble is now that I have to make new fields to hold the content for the tab I have copied into. Do you know if there is anyway of automating this or something? Example. 1st tab is April and second tab is may. both tabs need a field for "income' but need to hold seperate information. There are over 100 fields on each tab, there are 12 tabs and 5 more tables like it! Need a short cut! Thanks Trevor
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