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  1. Perfect. I love the support on this forum. thanks very much!
  2. I need it to do a find and then a sort of the records found. If it can't be easily done is there a way not to allow a user to go to that particular layout via the Layout drop menu? Or even hide the layout unless accessed via a button script else where? thanks,
  3. Hello, I have a Report that the user can access via the Layout dropdown. Is there a way to execute a script when the user goes to this Layout by selecting from the drop down menu (I know I can create a button on another layout that would execute a script and take the user to that Layout but this is not what I want to do). thanks,
  4. Well, I have followed your steps to the best of my ability and still the serial number continues to increment (I get no errors so obviously I have the find component not working properly??). Any troubleshooting suggestions are welcome. TIA
  5. It does have the "set next serial value". Would you be able to discuss the steps needed?
  6. Well I am pretty new at this (still learning) and would appreciate it if you could walk through the steps for a single field example. As you mentioned the system has to know if any numbers have been issued for that day and then the next in sequence. I see 8.5 has serial number but it does not seem to be the same as you indicated... I'll dig some more but I assume your hack may be necessary. regards,
  7. Hello, I would like to create a calculated field where it is the current date "-" serial number starting at 1 and incrementing by 1 through the day. ie. 02/23/08-1 then 02/23/08-2 etc through the day. next day it would be 02/24/08-1 .... I cannot figure out if you can re-initialize a counter for each day... or is there a different way to approach this? thanks in advance,
  8. Hello, I would like to create a drop down list that the user can use check boxes to select the multiple values that they want... this is similar to whatis available in Excel's Pivot table. For example if I have a list of employees and the user wants to review the work performed by 3 of the 16 employees I wish to offer the employee list so the user can select the 3 employees of interest. regards,
  9. I appreciate the suggestion of the Project Table but I am still hoping that someone will answer my question on how to actually do this as an example. Again, I am new to FM and need a little more help with the solution. thanks,
  10. Ok so this is somethingthat I thought of (sort of but with some missing details). I understand the linking of the tables with an auto generated serial id for TimeCard but I am uncertain how: 1. the different Project Codes ( 1 - 6) get migrated to the new Project Table. If there is one Project Code field in the new table how do I link the individual Project Codes? This is where my lack of FM experience comes in...sorry but that's why I am trying the forum for help...to learn. 2. the empty Project Code fields are handled...via script? or some parameter setting? regards,
  11. Well I guess it would be more about building a report (I thought that it may be a problem with the way I have the data imported). Currently I have one table TimeCard. It contains the following fields: Date First Name Last Name Project Code 1 Project Code 2 Project Code 3 Project Code 4 Project Code 5 Project Code 6 Job Code 1 Job Code 2 Job Code 3 Job Code 4 Job Code 5 Job Code 6 Time 1 Time 2 Time 3 Time 4 Time 5 Time 6 OT 1 OT 2 OT 3 OT 4 OT 5 OT 6 The Project Codes are 5 digit number, Th Job Codes are 4 digit numbers. Time and
  12. This is my first post and I am totally new to FM.. though I believe it is the solution that I will be quite happy with once I get over a learning curve. My problem is that I have an existing db that is used for timecards. It includes first and last name, date and 6 fields each for Project Number, Job Number, Time and OT. I manage to do a direct import into FM with by creating a table with the same fields. But I am trying to figure out how to do a report broken down by Project Code and the sub totals of the Job Codes (Time is in Hours, OT is in Hours) in that project. Since the data i
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