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  1. I solved part of the problem. To make the tip work, the Web Viewer must be assigned an object name in the Object Info window, and it must be referenced by this name in the script. The one remaining glitch is that, using HTML mailto, an email window opens in the email client without actually sending the email. Does anyone know a way to automate the dispatch of the message (without having the date entry person do it)?
  2. Hi, Could someone provide additional details on the tip published in FileMaker Advisor magazine (http://my.advisor.com/doc/18702) on sending email from Instant Web Publishing (IWP) in FMP 8.5 or 9? With my admittedly limited programming skills, I have had zero success implementing this tip. The goal is for users who access my FMP databases via IWP click a button when they have entered a new record whereby the button sends an email alert to me so that I know there's a new record. The email alert should originate from the email client and account of the person who entered the data
  3. Hi Søren, Because of timeline issues, we found a FileMaker developer at my university who rebuilt the database and solved the problem. Thank you so much for all your time and help on this. Barry
  4. Hi Søren, Thanks again for replying. I really appreciate your time and help. Your English is much better than my Danish. ;^) The new file ("participants") has incorrect total number (counts) of events for January and February. January actual=30 report=14 February actual=24 report=12 March actual=24 report=11 Another problem with events in "participants" is related to the counts for the categories of participants. In January for example, the report lists 1 event attended by Admins, 4 by AnyOne, 3 by Scholars, and 9 by Students. If you add these numbers (1+4+3+9), you g
  5. Hi Søren, I just looked over the tables and relationships in "participants.fp7." FYI: they are beyond my level of understanding for how you designed them and how they function.
  6. Hi Søren, Thank you again for the prompt and helpful reply. As indicated in my signature, I am a novice with regard to FMP development (although I have ~5 years of experience as an end user). I have used various databases (client/server; mainframe) with multiple tables for the past 15 years and understand how they're related. However, db theory (e.g., normalization) is beyond the scope of my experience. I will study the information in the links you've given me, and see how much of it I understand. Meanwhile, is your plan for me to rebuild my existing database so that i
  7. Hi Søren, Thank you for the prompt reply, and for your time. OK, I will study the video and see whether I can understand what you want done in restructuring the file given that these topics are completely new to me. It likely will take a couple of days. For efficiency, I would prefer to restructure the file correctly the first time rather than making mistakes and having to rework it. In reading your last post, I have only a vague idea of what you want done. What you've written makes sense to you (and other advanced users) because you're already familiar with what you want d
  8. Hi Søren, Many thanks for replying. I will be happy to repare a new file. First, though, could you please explain to me the logic behind having the event in its own table? And could you please give me more details about exactly how you want the file structured? I would like to prepare the file properly the first time, rather than making some mistake that spends time needlessly. Hope this makes sense. Mixed emotions? Thanks, Barry
  9. Hello Søren, Regrets for the delay in replying (thought I had, but evidently not). I'm open to both your suggestions; can you inspect further and explain to me what you've done so far? The only way I can think of, based upon my lesser developer skills than yours, to distinguish each event is to configure FMP to assign a unique ID to each event rather than using name alone. Please let me know if it would help for me to upload a file containing data. Regrets for any inconvenience. Many thanks again for your time and help on this! Barry
  10. Hi Søren, I really appreciate your time and help. The new file (testsugg3) indeed fixes the total number (counts) of events for March in the disaggregated report. However, the total number (counts) of events for January and February are incorrect now. January actual=30 report=27 February actual=24 report=21 Also, the grand total number of unique events for fiscal 2006–07 is missing from the top of the disaggregated report in this new file (the grand total number of unique events did display in the previous file, although I believe it was incorrect). In the new f
  11. Hi Søren, Many thanks again. I will inspect/test and report back to you as soon as I can. Cheers, BF-H
  12. Hi Søren, Many thanks again for your time and help. I've inspected the custom functions, "new script," and the two tables. I'm still missing the logic of how this all works. I've also compared the numbers generated by the two reports with my manual counts of events and participants in February and March. Your new file's counts are correct for the numbers of participants for each event in February and March. Excellent, well done! The new file's counts are also correct for the events attended by each category of individuals within each month. Trés bien! Only two add
  13. Hi Søren, Thanks for the message. Each event occurs only once on any given day. I am still inspecting your revised file, double-checking its values against manual counts. Will reply as soon as I have completed the double-check. Many thanks again!
  14. Hi Søren, Thanks for the reply. Understood. Will do and will answer your question as soon as I've studied your new file. Thanks!
  15. Hi Søren, Many thanks again for taking time to help. Did I explain and answer your question satisfactorily? Thanks also for the link to "serialize by category." I might have more questions for you after I have studied it. I also will have a look at File>Define Custom Functions>Blanker and SplitIntoRepeat. Your FileMaker and database skills are much more advanced than mine, and I would like to learn from this so that I can be more self-sufficient in the future. As such, perhaps my biggest (most general) question is this. How did you know/decide that your test
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