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  1. Hiding the field based on whether it's the first of its group works well, however since the field is now part of the Body layout part, the part will expand if the field does. This results in a space between items: The "1 pixel subsummary part" hack allowed the field to expand across multiple body elements, while keeping the body elements evenly spaced: Is there any way to achieve this behavior post FM12, or are we going to need to redesign these reports? Thanks for any input, Nate
  2. Mech, did you ever get a resolution on this? I'm having the same issue (fmserverd not responding although clients can access the databases) on a Mac Mini running 10.9.3 and FMS 13.02. Thanks, Nate
  3. Thanks but I don't think the file is corrupt. It happens to specific users, and happens across multiple files for those users. This leads me to believe it's a client specific issue.
  4. Thanks Lee, apologies for the delayed reply. Yes, the file is being served. The file is several years old so it has probably been improperly closed before, but it has not been recovered. I repaired permissions on the client machine but it still happens. Even a single line "Send Email" script will cause this issue, and it appears to be client specific. I am going to try upgrading them from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion and see what happens. Thanks.
  5. Hello all- I am experiencing an issue with some users where FM 11.04 beachballs when attempting to open a new email in Mail.app on OS X 10.6.8. The email eventually opens after 2-3 mins, but the To/CC information is missing. This happens sporadically to some users and then goes away, only to appear later for another user. Any ideas?
  6. Has anyone had any experience using WAN optimization hardware, e.g. Silverpeak, with FileMaker? The basic idea is you have two dedicated machines at both physical locations of the WAN which inspect the data and cache it, so the next time the user requests the same data, they pull it from the local machine rather than across the WAN. Does this sound like something that would help FileMaker performance? My IT department is recommending it but I'm skeptical. Thanks in advance. -Nate
  7. Thank you Wim. Is there a KB article on this issue or anywhere I could get more information? Is this fixed in 12?
  8. No, although it doesn't seem to be related to one particular field. Definitely related to one particular file though. Maybe I should reindex all of them.
  9. Hello all- Â I'm running FMS 11.0.5 hosted on an Xserve running OS X 10.6.8. We have been experiencing an issue where users will initiate a simple find on an indexed field and get spinning beachball of death. Their statistics in the admin console will max out (elapsed time/call 15001916), and CPU usage on the server skyrockets (150-170%, screenshot attached). Attempts to disconnect the user via admin console will successfully kick them out of their client, but the user in the statistics panel doesn't disappear, and if they reconnect there will be two instances of their name listed. Â Ser
  10. Thanks Wim and Steven. OK, I thought as much regarding the Send Mail script step. We will have to have those users default to SMTP mail sending. The problem we are trying to address is just performance. Scripts that take 1-3 seconds on the LAN take 40-60 seconds over WAN in London. Now, this is a system that I just took over, and I am certain that there is massive room for improvement in terms of script optimization and database architecture/schema improvement. However, wouldn't combining those improvements with a Citrix server give us the best of all worlds? Thanks again, Nate
  11. We are exploring moving our WAN users to a Citrix Xenapp server. I have seen threads in this forum asking whether this affects the Send Mail script step, specifically, will the users native email client still open and be correctly populated? I have yet to see an answer to this question. Does anyone have any experience with this? -Nate
  12. Thanks David. So, if my auto-enter trigger looks like this: Let( trigger = modfication_timestamp; related::field ) what can I use for the trigger? The modification timestamp doesn't fire when the related field changes, and I don't think the unstored calc can work as a trigger field either, right?
  13. Total Inventory: 280k records Total Scans: 4.7 million records Active Inventory: ~4000 records Mr Vodka: no, the finds are not optimized to only search on active records. We definitely need to do that. However, the warehouse is connecting via WAN so I'm worried that even a find on 4k related fields might be too slow. David, you are right, an actual working system trumps any database theory. But this Let trigger method feels a bit flakey and untrustworthy, and doesn't seem to always update the auto enter calc. Maybe because we are using modification timestamp as the trigger field? Sh
  14. Hello- I have an inventory management system that tracks where in the warehouse a product is. Every day all the inventory is barcode scanned, generating a Scan record that stores the inventory ID and the location ID. The relationship between Inventory and Scan is sorted by time, and there is an unstored calc in the Inventory record that returns the most recent location. There is also a stored auto enter calc referencing the unstored one, that updates based on a Let trigger. The stored field is used for finds and sorting. My question: is this a dumb way to do this? From a normalization
  15. Ahhhh, good to know. Gotta get off this 10 ASAP. -Nate
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