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  1. Ryan That was not working but I figured out I do not need the quotes around the addresses in my ReplyTo field. That field has the two addresses separated by a comma, no quotes. My script step: EmailSetHeader( "reply-to" ; ReplyTo ) runs and then when I click Reply I get both addresses.
  2. Having trouble getting the fmGetContrainerURL to work correctly, my current error message is: Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /.../.../.../container-get-url.php on line 132. I looked at the container-get-url.php file and see were the [1] value is set but don't know what to do about it. I have been a long time working with FM, and very short time with php. My DB only has one container and it will always be on a single record when it is accessed. My file is hosted on Server 14 and the container is stored externally with FM Secure Storage. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, P
  3. Awesome, it's working and your code helped in that when I went to open index.php to add it, I realized that I had saved the file with "index" capitalized. With that fixed I'm logged, thanks again for the help. I'm sure I will need more but that's another post. Caio
  4. More running dialog: found the problem and can enter into the login.php page with User/PW and it goes to a blank index.php. Still missing something but I'm through for the day. Any insight is appreciated.
  5. Ok, a little thick but getting there. The login.php should be the login page, duh, but when I open it I end up on index.php.
  6. Webko, thanks for the reply! You Aussies are always great on the forums. Since my post I have fixed multiple file/directory location issues and everything seems good in that area but when I run index.php it come up with a blank screen. Running that should give me a login page, right? Maybe I'm misunderstanding how this works, still trying to digest the php.
  7. Also, I assume the secure.php should be in a folder called "includes" due to the /, so I created the includes folder and save that file to it.
  8. Hopefully someone is still seeing this old thread. First off I am not new to FM but totally new to php. I have created the four files that GENX posted and this is the output: Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent by (output started at /Users/phouck/Sites/EMS/login.php:2) in /Users/phouck/Sites/EMS/login.php on line 23Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /Users/phouck/Sites/EMS/login.php:2) in /Users/phouck/Sites/EMS/login.php on line 23Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers alre
  9. How would you reference the files? Say a container in FM or on my desktop (which would not work for every user). ​In that situation how would you reference the file? It's a small version of our logo that is in a FM container, and I have the png file also. I just want to add it at the end of the email.
  10. Ok, I've registered the PostDataToURL in FMP and copied the code into my startup script. Now how do I use it in a script? It seems to be just a function in a calculations. I have the field I want to push waiting to go but don't know what to tell it. Obviously I am not adept a writing JS or code so any help is appreciated.
  11. This is probably an InDesign issue, but I will post here first anyway. We are exporting data to ID as tagged text and that process is fine except for one thing. Any extra characters I have added (eg: paragraph symbols, spaces, etc) show up in ID with a leading value of 14.4. The other elements have a leading of 10.8 which causes the last line of the paragraph to have extra space above it. I have put these elements before and after I closed the tags, but nothing changes. Have placed in a template and a new layout with the same results. Help!
  12. This reply is actually to all three of you. Sorry I've been away a few days. Thanks for the interesting ideas, but I am still left with the basic problem. Why does the schedule say "nat a valid path" when I choose the backup location during config? The FW disk is mounted continuously, and am not having problems with it. This is a permanent ext b/u drive, not the offsite (which we run on demand and have not trouble with, btw) It does not matter what the FW drive does when the schedule runs if the config itself says "not vaild" when I created/edit, right!? Also, when you all say "logged in
  13. Trying to schedule a backup to an external FW drive I keep getting a invalid path and no backup. This script did run about 2 months ago 1 time and none since then. I have tried typing in the path and dragging the folder into the field. Yes, I have a / after the address, and yes the drive & folders all have fmsadmin w/r rights. The backup to the local drive works just fine. The server is 8.0v4. Is this just a problem with the external FW drive? Help!
  14. We have a 3rd part solution (2 files) that was just added to an existing server that has been running another 9 file solution for 5 years. When you connect to the new solution from a Mac or PC and start to move around and enter data, one of the files closes itself on the server. FM Server 8 Advanced is running on a Quicksilver system and has no problem with the current solution. I have been using/developing in FMP for 10 years, and have never seen a file suddenly close on the server from a client's connection. The server has a max of 20 files set in prefs (we are only opening 11!). I cannot lo
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