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  1. I am using the FileMaker PHP API on Windows Server 2003. I am wondering if I can change the port of FileMaker as Port 80 on my server is already in use and I need to use an alternative, such as 8080. Is this at all possible as I cannot find any help on the web with this one. Is it just a matter of changing the IIS Virtual Web port? Many thanks, Jim.
  2. Back to this old topic. Still case-sensitive. The quickest way are this I have found is to have a field called "my_search_field_lower", which is an auto-enter field "lower(my_search_field)". Then the value is am searching for is also converted to lower case: SELECT * FROM TABLE WHERE my_search_field_lower = 'converted_to_lower_string'. HTH others.
  3. Thank you. I also set a counter but left it out for simplicity : I do no have an HTML tag on the page I am using but it has given me an idea of check for certain characters which I can expect from the page. Problem solved. Many thanks, Jim
  4. Hi, I am trying to get the content of a webpage after the page has completely loaded. Is there a way to wait, without the Pause for 2 seconds command, until the content has loaded? This is my current set-up: Loop Pause/Resume [Duration (seconds): 2] Exit Loop If [GLOA("wv";"content") != ""] End Loop Reason being is that this is not 100% fool proof. Some time this fails. Anyone else use something similar?? Many thanks, Jim.
  5. Thanks fseipel, Thank you for your indepth suggestions. In answer to your suggestions: You can try making the webviewer window larger; is it cut off horizontally? - Yes, the webviewer is simply cut off in preview mode, therefore the rest of the underlying content is never seen. Can you print layout in landscape? - I can, but again this is no good as the rest of the content is cropped. Set % reduction in print dialog box? - No effect on the webviewer - It is like the webviewer does not know how much content there is "inside". I'll probably try the JS window.prin
  6. Hi, I am trying to print a layout which has a webviewer on it. However, when printing/previewing the layout, the complete content of the webviewer is not displayed on the print out - I just send part of the content and then the web viewer scroll bar - which is no good. Other than creating an HTML file for the user to print - I am a bit stuck. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Jim.
  7. Thank you so much for your reply. - That is exactly what I needed. I have tried the example and it works like a charm. Let me know if I can return the favor and help you with anything - I really appreciate it. Cheers, Jim.
  8. Thanks fseipel for the interesting post. I have given it a whirl and you are quite right that the JS does not execute directly in the FM WV. I'll have a play with things and see what I can do, to see if I can in some way get JS to retrieve the information that I need. Thanks, Jim.
  9. Thanks. I know how to grab everything from the webviewer, and I did consider the patterncount, but I just didnt want to go down the route of iterating through all of the page when I find a 'www' pattern, then work left/right of the pattern until the end of the URL. I think within FileMaker that this may be the only way of acheiving what I want. Thanks. Jim.
  10. Hi, Has anyone built any custom functions or does anyone know of a way of how to get all the URLS/links from a text field or web viewer within FileMaker 10? Many thanks for any suggestions... Jim.
  11. Thank you very much Wim, very helpful indeed! Much appreciated. Jim.
  12. Hi, We have an ODBC application that connects to FileMaker. However, the FM database always has ODBC as off after installation (even though we ship it ON). Is there a way that we can run a script to switch ODBC on. I know I can open the ODBC Sharing window, but would like to switch it on for the current database. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jim.
  13. Jim1

    XML Query PM Pro

    which means that you need a webserver installed. Bascially, I am writing a 3rd party application that can get information out of filemaker. I cannot use odbc as server advance is required, so I know that PRO server only needs xml. Any more ideas? : Thanks, Jim.
  14. Jim1

    XML Query PM Pro

    Thanks. I will have a look for the query fp7 file. I really need to query FM and return the data via XML as you need server advanced for ODBC. Cheers, Jim
  15. Jim1

    XML Query PM Pro

    Without the need for my customers to buy Server advanced with ODBC, I know that FileMaker Pro supports XML Queries. The problem is I cannot find an example of how to query FM Pro with a http request. This fourm,Google and FM Pro help did not help with finding an example. Does anyone know how to get data from FileMaker as XML? For example, Am I making sense? Thanks in advance, Jim.
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