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  1. So I discarded separating container files from the solution and also keeping many full copies of the solution folder. Just in case someone is interested: Syncing the whole FMS Backups folder, with many copies of the solution with S3 or Dropbox using the NAS Sync utility proved impossible. The software disregarded hard links and syncing >1M files seemed too much to handle, the app crashed after every attempt. So I sync only the latest backup into the NAS via rsync (that's the only backup I keep locally) and then I use a backup utility to store it in S3. The backup utility takes adv
  2. Indeed I use rsync with the NAS, but with the -a option which I think it neglects hard links. I should test it without it. My NAS has an app to sync with S3 but I'm not sure if it would preserve hard links, actually I use Dropbox that I think it doesn't either. I've never used the S3 CLI and I'm not sure if it's possible from my device. How can I tell if a file uses hard links or if it's fully saved? The file size is not an indicator.
  3. So I understand that hard links are only useful in the first instance of the backup, that's within the server Backup folder. In my system I first copy from the server to a local NAS and then sync with Dropbox, so the files take its full disk space (and transfer speed) as soon as they leave the host. I'll follow your advice and will keep container data managed by FM. I'm a bit lost about the solution you suggest, using S3 to create a new backup set with only the new pdf files, if you can shed light on it I'd appreciate. Thanks in any case.
  4. You are right regarding server resources but my concern is to maintain the integrity of those hard links all across the backup chain: first to a local server and then to the cloud, I'll need to do some testing before trusting it completely. Thanks for your help.
  5. My solution uses a lot of pdf files stored externally in container fields, in open, non-secure way but managed by FM. The stored files never change its content, it's just their number that increases day by day, I have more than 100.000, about 12GB. The Automatic Backup option in FMS copies the whole Database folder where my pdfs are, this makes backup slow, less secure and space demanding: 12GB per copy. I'm thinking of storing the container data in an external folder and convert the container into a calculated field. I know this requires extra control on file and folder locations, b
  6. You're right, that solved the issue. Thanks!
  7. I have a file I inherited from another person. I look at the database security and I see there are only two users: Admin (with full access privileges) and Guest (Read only access). The file is hosted in FMS19 and I open it from FMP because I want to set up a trigger script to execute OnFirstWindowOpen and OnLastWindowClose, so I go to File > File Options > Script triggers and I get a message saying: Specified account name and password can't be used to access the file. (message translated) How is this possible? Admin has full access privileges, what else is needed then?
  8. It's time to clean the server space, I need to move some databases and design a new backup. I have some doubts: Is it safe to reorganize the Databases folder IF I stop the database server before doing so? is this safe enough? Should I clean all the backups in FMS Backups folder and start from anew? given that backups include hard links couldn't this render new backups unusable? Is it correct to replace databases with its FMP compacted copies? is it a good way to regain storage space? Thanks,
  9. Actually I've found this which explains it all: https://help.claris.com/en/pro-help/#page/FMP_Help%2Fpaths-in-server-side-scripts.html%23 So the only way to send the files hosted by FMS is exporting them into a user folder.
  10. I store documents (pdf, jpg,...) in a container field, externally and open, I see all of the container files under a RC_Data_FMS folder. I would like to be able to email one of these documents enclosed in the message using the Send mail script step, so I need to use the external file path of the container object. I've tried this locally and it works but I can't get it working in the hosted file. The path I use in the hosted file is: file:RC_Data_FMS/.../containerFieldName/file.pdf The hosted file that has to run the script is in the same level as the RC_Data_FMS folder, so al
  11. Script steps used: Perform Google search: Set Web Viewer [Object Name: "wviewer"; URL: "http://www.google.es/search?" & "q=" & GetAsURLEncoded ( table::searchtext )] When user clicks a button: Set Field [table::URL; GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "wviewer"; "source")]
  12. I'm testing this in a FMS hosted file (details in my first post). One use case is Launch a search from a text field in Google Let the user find the right result, and open the destination page Capture the url displayed in webviewer and copy it to another text field I can't make it work, it happens to me sometimes, I normally understand WHY, but not this time.😪 It just works randomly!
  13. Well, for what I see, using GetLayoutObjectAttribute to get the URL displayed in a web viewer doesn't work if the web viewer has been modified using the 'Set Web Viewer' script step. I think this should be specified in the GetLayoutObjectAttribute function documentation.
  14. I can't get this function to work, it returns empty even thought I have a web page loaded in the webviewer: GetLayoutObjectAttribute ("webviewer"; "source") According to FMA18 documentation I should be getting the URL of the webpage in "webviewer" but I don't. The client machine runs FMA18 on MacOS Catalina, the file is hosted in FMS 17, MacOS Catalina. Am I missing something?
  15. Finally, after many turns, I've found what's going on: /bin/bash needs to have Full Disk Access privileges. In order to do so I went to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy, selected Privacy tab, unlocked the settings and added /bin/bash to the list. Now I can read and write the mounted share, but even after doing this the script doesn't work when called from FMS17 but that's a different story: first I should upgrade to FMS 18.0.3 or downgrade Catalina to Mojave, as @Wim Decorte suggested
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