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  1. Hello, So we VPN in to our office network and then connect to our FM16 Server with either our laptops (Filemaker 16) or FM Go (16.0.4) One of our users can get as far as loading the two database icons from the server but when trying to open the file getting timed out connections. Even when connecting to the internet via a WiFi connection. At the same time, his laptop will connect. Looking in the logs on the server - there's no sign of the FMGo connection. Looking at VPN logs (although we know he's connecting) shows a normal connection into our network. Is there any other source of information that might illuminate the problem? Thanks
  2. Hello, So I'm setting up WebDirect and for the first time setting up a worker machine. I initially set it up using the IPs of my two machines. It worked. I could access my DB with a browser. After setting up our router to forward port 80 traffic to the worker machine*, I found that it re-wrote the URL to the IP address which wasn't going to work. I'm running a Mac Server so I set up the DNS service to resolve the FQDN that is used by our remote IP (dynamic DNS) to the internal IPs and then set my two servers to use our internal name server. I disconnected the worker and then reconnected using the FQDN. It registered with my FM Server but it will not start. "cannot start or stop worker machine" Logs tell me nothing other then the worker was added. *In the process of trying to read up on this and find what I was missing I discovered that I might be thinking of the worker/master incorrectly. That I should be directing my browser to the Master not the Worker. Stats: Both Servers running 10.13.3 and the current version of FM Server 16 Thanks for any insight. Mark
  3. OK, I know that the better solution would be to have the data entered without a dollar sign and then use formatting... But, I've a client that insists on entering prices with dollar signs. So when I need to do logic using the data from that field the price value ($10.00) is seen as a variable and that breaks the logic when part of the sequence is to check for empty fields. Is there a way to "escape" out the dollar sign. I've tried the GetAsText function but that doesn't do it. Thanks
  4. Thanks. Here's the weirdness. In the Campus environment, My solution, which is made up of two data files, running on their server, completely worked on both my laptop and the first Desktop that I used for testing. When I went to a second workstation to test the solution, some basic scripts steps were not doing anything. (I do a comparison and the result sets a variable which I use to Set a Fields content) I went back to the original workstation and it works (logged in as the same user/privs) That's when I took it home, set up the server and recreated the problem. If the files are running in FMP on the localhost, they work fine. When on the server....
  5. I've been working at a clients location setting up a new solution I wrote for them. Their DB is being hosted on a Campus Filemaker Server. I've no problem making fixes to scripts via the script manager on a workstation, off of these files. Another issue came up, so I set up a FMS10 developer server (TechNet Member) so that I could test my solution with multiple clients and the server at my home office. When my solution is on the server, I can't get into Script Manager (It's Grayed out.) I'm logged in with full privileges. I've never had this problem before. Is it due to FMS10? I was under the impression that the Campus server was FMS10, but now I'm not sure. Thanks.
  6. I've scripted a two pass import. The first pass imports images with the reference to the location (not imported into db) The second pass imports thumbnails. And I've currently gettting an error on the import of the thumbnails. "Sorry out of memory..." Script debugger error (2) Running FM 9 Adv, on a Mac Pro Intel Dual dual 3.0 with 6 gigs and over 300GB available storage on primary drive. There are 7400 records and the db file size is 73.5 MB Any insight would be appreciated.
  7. Yeah I figured the FullName:JobName thing and tried to recreate that and use it to insert an invoice but QB doesn't like the in the full name field and errors out. I found a work around by grabbing the listIDs of the customers/jobs and then appending the ListID for the Job and using it to insert an invoice and it goes into the right place. I can add an invoice to a Job and in QB it shows up in both the job and the Customers aggregate. It means that my users are going to have to pay attention and make sure the right job ListID is associated with the data in FM first. But it works and beats hand entering data in QB. Mark
  8. I'm starting to dive into integration and have been looking for a users forum. So maybe this can start one....? Here's my puzzle: Insert invoicing and estimates that are associated with a job. I'm set with inserting one associated with a customer, but the way QB handles jobs (I believe its a self relation with their customers table)doesn't seem to make it possible using the plugin.... or is it? Maybe there's a trick? Anyone out there? Thanks
  9. I'm doing the same thing (importing path and thumbnail)and started getting the same "not enough memory" error. Did you find an answer to this issue? Thanks. Yours in mutual pain, Mark
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