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  1. Thanks - I was thinking the same thing about the server - and hosting prices for that using web direct seem to be a "call us". On the web direct (or other compatibility) what I meant was you select a script, and the default is the compatibility button with an "X". You can click on that and select a different compatibility. Things light up that are not compatible! Then click on another script - and you're back to square one (with the compatibility button with an "X"). Is there a way to just default the compatibility you want to show for all the scripts you have without having to change each o
  2. So - here are some of the facts: 1. Multi database solution (4 and growing) that handles budgeting, accounting system structure (not linked to accounting system), contracting, purchasing, staff management, timesheets, expense reports, etc.... 2. Built around TCP/IP, desktop client, access. 3. Was hosted in house in a 30 or so user environment with one physical location. Concurrent users might have been up to 10 with all 30 folks accessing. 4. Then hosted via a hosting company across four physical business locations. 5. Now moving to a 250 or so user environment across 40 physical location
  3. There are a couple of threads on here directly related to FTPeek not working with the latest version of Java. It appears the issue is related to how Java works with Windows: http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/84735-connection-reset/ What I am wondering is if there is going to be a fix for this? I have multiple users getting Java update notices - though informed to not update - some do, then the process of unstallation and reinstallation of Java with all of the associated "end user frustration". So what I guess I am wondering: will there be an update to FTPeek to fix this? Are th
  4. David - not sure if this is helpful...but in your post I noticed two things (1) a connection reset issue similar to the one I had been having, and (2) based on the info file the user appears to be running Java 7. Check out my "Connection Reset" post a few down the list - bottom line is that Java 7 might be the culprit - go back to Java 6 Update 33 (the last one for 6) and it might work fine. Chris
  5. Thanks - yes, that did the trick. Until FTPeek is tested to work with version 7 I would suggest updating some of the documentation (since now it's been tested with version 7 and - at least how we are using it - it doesn't work). As an example the user documentation points a link to the java download page - where you get version 7 and just version 7....so you are almost pointing someone to failure if - for whatever reason - java is not already installed! Also, as new machines come online with version 7, or Java updates, this may become more of an issue...So make a clear note - 6 works, use 7 at
  6. Running an enterprise license - everything has been working fine on multiple machines - just setup a new 64 bit Windows 7 machine. Installed and started up filemaker, opened remote file - first error was that java was not installed and FTPeek needed it - no surpise as (again) new machine. Closed filemaker - downloaded most recent java version (version 7 update 5) - downloaded (automatically) as 32 bit as IE is a 32 bit version. Started up again - filemaker starts fine - no error - checked and plugin automatically downloaded from the server (v1.561). went to test to upload file from c
  7. I'm developing a IWP solution where the status bar will be hidden - everything it does is pretty easy to recreate on appropriate layouts EXCEPT the Go To Home button. Any help or advice on how to set this up would be appreciated!
  8. Well if you're right (and I think you are) this might be one of those little things plus your path templates that should go in some sort of sticky reference dictionary of "common problems & issues". Thanks again.
  9. Okay - I think I am seeing (at least for me) some of what is going on. First - yes, your paths seem to work great. But here's the thing where I'm stumbling. IF I have "display PDF in browser" selected under preferences in Adobe (6 professional) then I just get run time errors UNLESS the pdf is on my C: Drive. IF I have "display PDF in browser" NOT selected under preferences in Adobe (6 professional) then PDF's open everywhere (web, server, local) but always open through adobe (not in th web viewer). So - what's the point of the web viewer for PDF's? BUT (and can't test th
  10. Okay, now not quite sure what is working and what is not working, or why. PDF files load fine from the local machine but when accessing server PDF or web pdf's (just normal ones out there) I get runtime errors, invalid character or object expected. Odd...confusing...
  11. Hmmm - I had tried that, tried again and no luck. But I think I need to check in with ensuring all relevant directories are shared and such...
  12. I have noticed this question posed a couple of times but have either not seen an answer or (maybe) have just been too dim to understand it. If setting up a web viewer url to my local machine I can either: "file:/C:Directoryfile" or "file:///C:/Directory/file" If setting this web viewer url to a server on my network I..... Have no idea what to do. Every filewin, file, include or not the IP address, forward or backward slashed variation has failed me. Just a pdf file on a server...should be simple. Yes?
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