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  1. Dear DM, I'm dealing with a similar issue, only my client is 3,000 miles away! What did your tech guys tell them to do; do you know? I need to tell my client the same thing, only they aren't real computer-savvy and are far away! Answer if you get a chance! Thanks...
  2. John, thanks! I suspect we'll also make sure the file we re-send has the permissions correct on it; though, am wondering if we should re-burn the CD from our end, too, or if that's not necessary? I'll send the person this info. and maybe, hopefully, her husband, who sounds more computer-savvy, can help her! Much obliged to you for your help!!! You've been a great help!
  3. Hi John, Thanks. Can you give me a good resource for where to send them to tell them how to do that?! They are not the most computer-comfortable and I have a suspicion they're working on a very old and extremely "fragmented" machine. Also am not sure they know how to tell what system they're running either, for instance!
  4. Ender, Thanks!! That seems to have been the problem, and no one, when I posted before, suggested that! So, now, any clues now as to what to tell our non-profit PC-user!? They're having the same issue, too... but we are working remotely with them and we think they are running off of the CD we sent. Do you think that if, when we go to our permissions and select "Details" that if we say for "Others" to read and write, that that'll do the trick?! (Sorry, but we don't use PCs much!) We also figure that if they are running it from the CD, they'll HAVE to copy it to their hard
  5. Are you meaning the file permissions for the computer itself or the database? Doesn't "Full Access" mean Read and Write permissions? If not, what does that mean? By "owner", do you mean the "Account name" as noted below? Here's what we have now: Account name [Admin] default password (blank) default Full Access Account name [Guest] default password (blank) default Then, there's the other issue: what about our eventual PC user?!
  6. Very odd problem here: We have set up a database (for a non-profit) on computer "A", running OX 10.4 using FM 8.5 Adv. NO other computer can edit any of the entries in ANY database created on computer "A", even though NO PASSWORD is set up. All databases we've tried setting up have: Account name [Admin] default password (blank) default Full Access Account name [Guest] default password (blank) default On some databases we've built to test this, Guest has Read Access only (default); on some others, I allowed Full Access on the Guest account. A trial was s
  7. Hi Lee, Yes, it is the same file, just copied from one machine to the other... Though, I've seem to have this same issue with more than just this one file... in case that's relevant? BG
  8. Hi, John, Yes, we have read and write permissions on both machines. And, I did also download that white paper, too! Any more ideas? We're here, with this dialogue open to grab replies!
  9. Lee, Thanks for the reply, but we tried that! We used the option key and "Admin" as user name without a password, but when I do so, I still can't access anything! That's what is so odd! My spouse has been using databases far longer than me, and he can't figure it out either! That's why I posted here: I need to know what to do now that that plan isn't working. Thanks for trying to help!
  10. We're trying to figure out how to gain access to a database created for a non-profit and we have built it on our laptop, but need to also use it on the desktop machine once a month. Like another user here, I cannot seem to access full privileges on the desktop machine, even when I log in as Admin using the option key (Mac OS 10.3.9 using FM 8.5 Advanced). No passwords have been created and certainly none is desired on this machine. All fields allowing me to make any modification are grayed out. We have used FM a long time for small membership databases, but just upgraded to 8.5 so w
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