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  1. Hi, Can anyone help with the following script? The script is meant to generate an email to the people in the database who are filed under Work Camp, whose return date (Hjemkomstdato) is earlier than today, i.e., have already returned, and who have not yet given a rating. The script is in the attached picture: The details for the Contrained Set script are: In full, the script is meant to do the following: 1. Find the people in the database filed under Work Camp (from about 10 possibilities) 2. Find those whose return date is earlier than today's date. 3.
  2. Jezz...! Have done it all wrong. Thank you (once again), Comment. ! It works fine now
  3. i still cant make it work. Here is my script, maybe it is easier for you guys to see where the mistake is this way If [LeftWords ( Frivilligkartotek::Ophold med eller uden fly ; 1 ) = "Yes"] Replace field Contents [ Frivilligkartotek::Ophold med eller uden fly ; 1 ) = "Yes"] Else If [LeftWords ( Frivilligkartotek::Ophold med eller uden fly ; 1 ) = "No"] Replace field Contents [ Frivilligkartotek::Ophold med eller uden fly ; 1 ) = "No"] End if Hopefully this will help you help me :)
  4. Dear all Thank you for your help. I tried with your suggestions, but my problem is that the Replace field content" function autoenters on both kind of records regardless if LeftWords ( Textfield ; 1 ) turns out 'Yes' or 'No' I am probably doing something wrong in my script since 'replace field content' is made for all records at the same time and not individually. Any suggestions?
  5. Dear friends, I am importing data from Excel, where I only need part of the data to make it match a look up. Since I am a newbie it is bit hard to explain, but here is an example: I have data saying; 'Yes, I hereby confirm that I will pay 9.000 $' 'Yes, I hereby confirm that I will pay 7.000 $' 'No, I will not pay 7.000 $' 'No, I will not pay 12.000 $' My problem I need it to be either 'Yes' or 'No' to match a look up later in the script. Can anybody help?
  6. Right on! Thank you very much. And of course you are right, its a calculation formula, but in my case being a part of a script Best regards
  7. Hmm, strange. Here is a copy of my (well, yours!) script. Have I made a mistake when re-creating it? Let ( [ end = Produkter::End Date + 1 ; m = 12 * ( Year ( Produkter::End Date ) - Year ( Produkter::Arrival Date ) ) + Month ( Produkter::End Date) - Month ( Produkter::Arrival Date) - ( Day ( Produkter::End Date < Day ( Produkter::End Date)) ; d = Produkter::End Date - Date ( Month ( Produkter::Arrival Date ) + m ; Day ( Produkter::Arrival Date ) ; Year ( Produkter::Arrival Date ) ) ] ; 268 + m * 532 + d * 19 )
  8. If starting Date is February 1. and Enddate is May 14., a manual calculation comes out this way: Basic fee: = 268 February 1 until April 30 = 3 month = 532*3 = 1,596 May 1. until May 14 = 14 single days = 19*14 = 266 Total: 2,130 When using the calculation it comes out: 2,111 I really appreciate your help. This is way out of my league
  9. The problem when starting date is begining of the month, is solved, but it seems like its now coming out 19 $ or 38 $, short (1 day /2 days?)
  10. Hmm.. it seems like there is some kind of mistake after all. Whenever "StartingDate" is the first day of a month the calculation comes out wrong (too low) Can anybody see the mistake in the proposed script by comment?
  11. It works like a charm. Thank you. (And based on your advice I will put the prices in separate fields) Lasse
  12. Dear all Can someone help me out with this one?: I need to calculate days and month based on two fields: 'Starting date' and 'End date', so it adds up to a number. The number should be calculated as follows: Basic fee (268 $), 532 $ pr extra month from starting date and finally 19 $ pr extra days Ex. 'Starting Date': July 28. 'End Date': September 30. - Basic fee: 268 $ - July 28 til 27 September: 2*532$ = 1.064 $ - 28. september till 30. september 3*19 $ = 57 $ Total: 1389 $
  13. Right on! I Knew it was right in front of me.. Thanks a lot.
  14. Dear friends, I am trying to set up a link in a email which should be made out of three fields; "FirstName" "Surname" and "Street". The thing is, that I need this calculation to come out as HTML or the link will be broken due to any space between "FirstName", "Surname" and Last Name. Can anybody tell of this is possible? best regards, Lasse
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