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  1. Hi everyone, A little stuck on this one. I get a CSV Database of about 7500 products. I need to compare an old copy and a new copy of the database, and take out the duplicates in each database. I have 2 tables old_db and new_db. I import the correct files, that works fine. How can I search through these tables records and find the duplicates and delete them? I have tried several scripts and no of them work. I am open to any suggestions. thanks!
  2. Hi, I have school information that I need to encrypt into the database. I need to make sure that each record with the certian information is encrypted before it is closed. Any ideas? I am lost... Thanks Roger
  3. Hello All, I am working on a project that i need to encrypt information in a student database. I need the database encrypted so only someone with an "Administrator" Privilege set can read the data. Someone who only has a data enter privileges can enter it and then it will encrypt after entry. Any ideas or examples would help out alot. I am using the CRYPTO TOOLBOX plugin to encrypt data. Thanks Roger
  4. I am attempting to make a Jeopardy Like game and I have been trying to work out a solution. I am having a big brain fart here and would like some insight on any ideas for scripting, displaying questions etc... Thanks Roger
  5. I have an invoiceDate field which in a date field format and is an autoenter for the creation date. I also have and InvoiceMonth and InvoiceYear which are calculations to grab the invoiceDate month name and year. Thanks
  6. Hi Everyone, I apologize if something like this has been asked, I just couldn't find it anywhere. Anyways I have an invoice table and I have a report designed. Now what I want to do is create a script that will ask the user what month & year they want to generate a report for, go to the report and find the records with these credentials. For some reason I can't get it to only select a certain month for a certain year. It works without the year. Any help is greatly appreciated. I am just confused! Thanks Roger
  7. Hi all, I have a table with some event dates and I have a "home" screen where I would like to show only future dates from this table. Is there anyway to do this? I thought I might be able to with a portal, but I have failed miserably. Thanks in advance!
  8. Does anyone know of where to get some good background images and UI icons for application development? Roger
  9. I have re-worked the storage and location of the values. I greatly appreciate your guys help on this! Roger
  10. Hi All! I have been poking around on this board for a few days and I have had a lot of good ideas and thoughts about the current solution I am working on. I have devised a security feature that requires the user to enter a 24 digit "Activation Code". I have attached the file Maker file and would love your feed back on it. I would also like to know if you guys can "crack it". I want to know if there are any loop holes I have missed. Thanks! In Magic, Roger imagic_main_test.zip
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