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  1. Hi, thanks for your response. That didn't work. i can see the file in the container, but it won't open it for some reason. Here the error message:
  2. Hi, I use to go in "Button Setup" select the "Open URL" option, specify the URL using a calculation where I put a field name. In that field name there was a "file path" store. Something like this file:///Volumes/Blabla/blabla/blabla/mymovie.mov In OS X 10.4, I believe, it use to, I soon as I click on the "button" it would open the file in Quicktime right away. Wich was perfect for my needs. Now, in Snow Leopard, it doesn't do anything anymore. Unless I don't put the actual file name (mymovie.mov) in wich case it bring me right away to the right location, then I need to manually
  3. Hi, Because, I want to have a visual reference of what have been done or not. Checkbox give me that. I found a way to do it: There is an option call Set Script Triggers while using a Checkbox. It worked perfectly for me. Thanks for your idea.
  4. Hi everyone. I have a script already written that work well that send an email to a bunch of people. Now I need that script to be trigger by a Checkbox. If they click on The X on the Checkbox the Script for emailing is being run . . . How can I do That ?
  5. It worked like a charm ! Thanks a lot for your kind help. Now I am not sure to understand what you mean by "have the emails in a separate table if you have multiple fields for them." Each individual email address in a separate table ?
  6. Hi, I Am trying to use the "Send email" scripting function. Now let's say I am on a record that contains multiples fields that store email addresses. I want to be able to specify more then one fields in To: mytable::staffemail1 ? How can I do that without using CC: mytable::staffemail2. You know just the way you do it when typing regular email adresses eg: joe@joe.com, bo@bo.com, luke@luke.com ect . . . . but using multiple field contain ?
  7. The field Option1 or Option2 would be to define if the employee gets 10 days per year of vacation or 15 days from day one of their start date . In some cases, some senior employee come in with their accumulated benefit from other job ! :(
  8. The formula seem to work great ! Thanks a lot again for your kind help. In my original one I was counting the months separately, but I don't think it make much difference . . . I don't get your observation about the idea that employee that start working in February accumulate their vacation earlier than in January. Are you saying that because it's now Month based instead of yearly based ? Also I would like to add a field that trigger the calculation to be done at 10 days for the first 4 years like in your formula (that would be the (option 1) or straight at 15 days per year (option 2
  9. Thanks a lot ! It does look like it's working great for years, I need to add the month calculation after. Which is the same rule but applied to months while taking in consideration the amount of years. So (10/12) for each month or (15/12) for each month after 4 years.
  10. Here you go I have a calculation that give me the "Period of employment" of each staff member using the current date and their respective start date. The result is displayed like this : 1 Year , 3 Months , 10 Days. Now, I want to calculate their " Accumulated Vacation during their POE". The thing is . . . for the first 4 years, they get 10 Vacation days per year. After 5 years they get 15 days of vacation per year. What do I have to add so my formula calculate the first 4 years @ 10 days per years and then 15 days per year for the subsequent ? Also, I want my formula to
  11. Let's clarify. I left some info out in my original question. The field that use a pop-up menu that display my "value list" is named Worker1 and this is part of a table call "Work_order". The "value list" made of FullName & Email is from another table call "staff". So the field Worker1 is use in a Layout inside "work_order" that display the values from the table "staff". This is all from the same database file. So My relationship should be from where to what ?
  12. Thanks Daniele, It does sounds like great idea ! To solve your problem there are many ways, the simplest is to place in that layout the full name field. How would I do that without having to manually enter each time the name of the person associate with their email ?
  13. Hi, I have created a "Values list" that display values from 2 fields. first field : Email second field: Full Name Then selected "Show values only from second field". Now, I have created a field that used a Pop-up Menu to display that "Values list". It work great, it list the Full Name but still seem to store the email address of that person. That way when I press my email button it use the email address of that person . This is what I want. My only problem and it's a very inconvenient one, I can't search that field using the full name as criteria. Even thought the po
  14. Hi Everyone, I have a DB with 2 Tables. One is the staff list. Each record his a person with contact information fields: Name, email , phone etc . . . The other one is base on (Job) that we are working on. Each record is a job. The fields are mostly to describe the job ; duration, location, description, status, etc. Also I have few fields about who are assigned to work on it and what task they have to do. These fields are "Drop-Down List" that uses the values of the other database ( the staff one).So a list of all the people appear to chose from so i can i assign them to the job.
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