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  1. Hi, How would I then say - If the start date is less than the end date but greater than a specified date, populate the action field with the start date?
  2. Hi, I have two date fields, "startdate" & "enddate" and a field called "actiondate" I am having issues working out how I can set a calculation script on the actiondate to automatically populate. I would like the actiondate to look at the fields "startdate" & "enddate" and if a date range exists between these fields place the "startdate" into "actiondate" Please can someone lend a hand! Cheers, Dan ???
  3. It's to track marketing activity over a financial year, what we are doing on certain dates. I will screen grab what I have done so far - and you can see... Cheers, Dan :)
  4. Hi, What I have in the project is as follows, Imagine a left hand column with titles of photographs/ works of art, then another column titled activity, with drop down value lists of marketing activity, such as "mail shot, email campaign etc" then next to each of these is a start date and an end date. At the top of the page going from left to right, is a list of dates written as text, and underneath an empty field. What I am aiming to do, is determine if the date at the top of the page is between the range of the one's selected in the start / end date and if so - to place a "X" or symbol in this empty field. Hope this makes more sense? Cheers, Dan :)
  5. Hi, Following on from my previous post, http://www.fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/186473/post/249111/hl// How can I check if a specific date exists in a field, if it does then put a "X" in a corresponding field? Cheers.
  6. ahhh - nice one - you mean a tick instead of a check?
  7. Hi, Can I reverse this function: If(IsEmpty(field1);"X";"") so that if the field is not empty (has something in it) an X is marked in a corresponding field! Cheers, Dan :)
  8. Hi, I have currently two fields, a start date and an end date. Then I have another field which is an empty field. What I would like to be able to do is run a calculation that goes along the lines of. Does 06/04/07 appear in the range of "date1" and "date2" if so put an X into "empty field" That make sense? Cheers, Dan ;)
  9. Hi, I have a database that manages the attached information, however I would like to be able to preview the data in the same way that excel is currently displaying it, If I use preview mode, I just get a list of records one after the other... Is it possible to view as per the attached in browse mode, any pointers would be gratefully accepted, or should I just stick to excel? example.zip
  10. Hi, Is it possible to add custom buttons to the menu pane to the left of the workspace, sometimes when I'm running scripts a button will appear to say continue, I have seen some that say exit. Also can you add buttons in preview mode, so that a user could export a sub-summary report? Cheers, Dan ;)
  11. Hi, Our Financial year starts in April so this is the following: Q1 - April, May, June Q2 - July, August, September Q3 - October, November, December Q4 - January, February and March This calc script seems to be a month out on the quarters, how do I adjust it? Cheers, Dumbo Dan :)
  12. Hi, I currently am working on a database that has a specific date for when work has to be done, the client has requested that this be displayed as Quarters of the financial year. So what I need to do is to take 18/04/07 and assign it to a value of Q1 etc. What is the best way of doing this? -- I'd like to be able to set the date, and then a box to the left of the date, automatically populate with Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4... Your help is always appreciated! Cheers, Dan :)
  13. How do you control the size of the window then?
  14. hi, Can I set dimensions of a layout or of the workspace to a certain desktop resolution e.g. 800x600, 1024x768? Cheers, Dan :)
  15. Thanks so much - this has solved a major headache - Have a virtual beer on me!!!
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