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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I set up a new account with only the single layout. Now the problems seems to be 'security'. With the default guest account the user goes directly into the database without having to supply an account name and password (which is what I want to happen - web users are allowed to search the database). With the accounts I create, even with no password, the user gets a dialog asking for the user name and password. I can't find any way to surpress this. Any suggestions? TIA
  2. I have a rather simple database, created in FMP 8.5 and hosted through the 8.0 Server Advanced. I have the Guest account set up as read only and anyone accessing the database through the web only has access to the Guest account. They can read and peruse the database only. But the database has 5 layouts - only one of which I want IWP users to see. However when I go to edit the Guest privilage set the area where I can set layout access is grayed out. Does anyone have any idea how I can limit the IWP access users to just one of the five layouts? TIA
  3. I have a layout where I have two popdown menus where the second popdown menu is a 'dynamic' value list. The user chooses something in the first popdown and then the second popdown is modified on the fly to reflect the choices available for what the user chose in the first menu. This setup uses an external data table (i.e. a second file) that stores the choices in the first popdown linked to the choices in the second. Everything works like a charm if I use FMP8.5 client directly. However, when I use this through IWP it doesn't work at all. I make the choice in the first popup and the seco
  4. I have a layout where I show several menu items in a popdown menu and then the choices in a second popdown menu that change to reflect the choice in the first menu (only in a find layout). This setup uses an external data table (i.e. a second file) that stores the choices in the first popdown linked to the choices in the second. It works like a charm if I am using FMP8.5 directly. However, when I use this through IWP it doesn't work at all. I make the choice in the first popup and the second remains unpopulated. The second file is marked as being shared, so I don't know why this isn't working?
  5. Thanks again. I tried setting up a pathway to the host machine as suggested for the second file (my Photo.fp7 file) and still get . I must be doing something stupid here.
  6. For the Photo database I also set up a file reference using the IP address (in addition to the simple path that was set up when I originally selected the photo file - i.e., file::Photo.fp7). However I still have the showing up in the web client. Any other ideas? Thanks...
  7. In response to question 2 - both databases are set up the the Define databases. I do now notice that when I am there there are a series of example pathways I hadn't noticed before. I can see that the default pathway is only for the host machine. I will define the pathway to the photo database when I check it out on Monday. Thanks for the pointer.
  8. Correct on the two files. The photo field in the Main database was placed there using the Insert Menu - Insert>Portal.. where I inserted the photo field from the photo database.
  9. On the host machine I have the two databases running - the item database and the photo database. The two are related by an item number. On the host machine I can see the photo in a portal field in the item database - so related items are being displayed as they should. Also on the host machine both databases are set to allow web sharing, but the photo database isn't set to show up in the web database list. Again, all appears fine on the host machine. I have the item database listed in the shared databases. When you click on it in a browser the default layout appears with all the fields of
  10. HI. I assume you mean that when I create the portal in the original data base I need to put a pathway in the portal reference somehow. I had just assumed that if one created a portal for a field in a related data base that when the web version was activated that it would display the contents of the portal without any additional editing. The FMP reference material seems to imply this should work. So I might be confused here. When I bring up the primary data base all its field appear in the web version, only the portal field from the related data base isn't 'showing'.
  11. Ahh.. I will try that when I get into work tomorrow. Thanks for the tip - I couldn't find anything like that in the documentation. I know that all that is in the portal is the file name '::photo' which works fine locally. Again, thanks. I will try that when I get access to the data base at work tomorrow.
  12. Yes. Used Safari and Firefox as the web client.
  13. I have a system set up with an item database and a picture database. In a layout in the item database I have a portal to the matched picture in the picture database. When I view the item database in FM Pro 8.5 itself the picture shows up as it should, keyed by an item number. But when I view using Web Sharing where the picture should be I see ''. Both tables are open, both databases are set to allow web sharing. Yet the portal contents are missing when web shared. Any ideas about what I might do to fix this?
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