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  1. I found a script here http://www.tek-tips.com/faqs.cfm?fid=5515 that I modified a bit. "strDir = " & Quote($path) &" ¶ Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")¶ Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")¶ Set objDir = FSO.GetFolder(strDir)¶ getInfo(objDir)¶ ¶ Sub getInfo(CurrentDir)¶ For Each Item In CurrentDir.SubFolders¶ If Left(Cstr(Item.name),7)=" & Quote($Folder) & " Then¶ objshell.run "cmd /c explorer.exe """ & Item.path & """"¶ End If¶ Next¶ End Sub¶ " $path and $Folder are variables from the record. O
  2. After trying to bend my brain around more and more complex FM scripting, I decided to at least have a look at VBS - and lo and behold - it wasn't as hard as I had feared. It works perfectly now I can post a copy of the script if anyone is interested. Oyvind
  3. Thank you very much Søren! Those links were very useful, hopefully I'll report my success in a few days. Oyvind
  4. I have a problem that possibly has more than one solultion, and would be most grateful for any comments or ideas on what would be the best way to solve it. I have a database where every record has a unique number (year + serial 000-999) e.g. 2008186. The records correspond to folders in a known location on a HDD. The foldernames all start with the number + keywords that are entered on creation by users. For instance "2008186 shipwreck dredging North Sea". The folders contain all documents pertaining the respective records in the DB (FMP9). I have made a button "go to folder", with a
  5. Thank you, I will certainly use it! My scripts tend to be long and not very sexy Oyvind
  6. I know, but this DB is supposed to replace an existing DB where mouse wheel scrolling is enabled. And the end users specifically asked for it. But I think I have solved the problem now, using the FrontTab function http://www.briandunning.com/cf/692 as a control for whether to run the tabscripts or not: Let ($Num = Kategori; If( $Num = Left(FrontTab;4); ""; Case ( $Num="Tab1"; zippScript_PerformScript( Get(FileName); "Tabscript1"); $Num="Tab2"; zippScript_PerformScript( Get(FileName); "Tabscript2"); $Num="Tab3"; zippScript_PerformScript( Get(FileName); "Tabscript3"); $
  7. Ah, I see now that I wrote earlier that I would disable status area and navigate by scripts. As it turns out I need to be able to scroll records using the mouse wheel, hence the need for zippscript to change tabs by calculation. I don't think it is possible to trigger scripts with the mouse wheel (is it?). When I said scrolling earlier, I really ment mouse wheel scrolling. Apologize not being more precise. I still need some advice on the triggerfield recalculating and causing the "go to tab" script stacking up. Appreciate all help so far!
  8. I've been searching the forum now for info on scripting and scrolling records. Could you please point me in the right direction? If it is possible to scroll through records and have the tabs change for each record without using a plug-in it would be great! Thank you for taking time to help me out on this!
  9. There are four tab-panes, the picture shows three of them. I've outlined the tabs with red - they are not visible in the original layout. The DB is an archaeological catalogue btw :)
  10. That won't work if you scroll through records, or if you perform a find will it?
  11. tabscript2: Go to object [objectname: "tab2"] You are right. If I disable all other calculated fields in the table it works just fine. Any way around it you think? Oyvind
  12. Hi, I guess my last exclamation was a bit premature. I use the zippscript plug-in as you recomended, and control the tabs with to fields. The field "Kategori" is set by a "new record"-script to 1,2 3 or 4 - depending on what kind of record is chosen. The other field "Kat_num" is a calculation field with the following calculation: Let ($Num = Kategori; Case ( $Num=1; zippScript_PerformScript( Get(FileName); "Tabscript1"); $Num=2; zippScript_PerformScript( Get(FileName); "Tabscript2"); $Num=3; zippScript_PerformScript( Get(FileName); "Tabscript3"); $Num=4; zippScript_Perfor
  13. Thank you very much! I'll go trough it thoroughly, but at first look it seems to be what I need. I was hoping to avoid installing plug-ins on all clients, but I guess there is no way around it. Cheers Oyvind
  14. Thank you Stanley, that is a good tip, but how to trigger it for each record? For instance while scrolling in browse mode or within a found set? I'll hide the status area and do my own scripts for navigating, but I'd like to keep the scrolling ability if possible. -Oyvind
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