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  1. Thanks Fenton, for all your help. This is working like a charm. About the currency rate: how do I make sure fm uses the former currency rate. (The currency rate at time of entry) and that it doesn't change after a currency change later in time? By filling in "do not replace existing value in field if any"?? Thanks again, I could not have done this without you. Dutchy
  2. Hi Fenton, I have been working on changing my relation design and things are really shaping up. However still got some problems working it out. Maybe you can shine some light on this? I have changed the test database a bit to show you what is on my mind. First of all I would like to add a projectline for freight amount. Like I did in the test database. However when I only have one piece of good to purchase I can't skip straight to freight unless the rest of the goods are 0. Is there a better way to do this. I am sure there is. Maybe make a separate projectline for freight? Or auto fill
  3. Great thanks. This is exactly what I am looking for. Can't wait to get started, and get it working. Thanks a million. Dutchy
  4. Hi, Just made a little Filemaker example file which should show what I am trying to do. I can get the first line to work through a portal but that doesn't work anymore for the others. I am totally blank at the moment on figuring this one out. Need some suggestions in the right direction. Thanks. Dutchy Currency.fp7.zip
  5. Hi, these posts where helpful and got me thinking about other possibilities. However I still can't really get it working. Do you have any other suggestions? Dutchy
  6. Hi, Need some help with this. Can't seem to find the solution I have two tables: Projects Currency In the Project table I have the following fields: Project number (serial number) Purchase Goods 1 in Currency (number) Purchase Goods 2 in currency (number) Purchase Goods 3 in Currency (number) Currency ID 1- Purchase (text) Currency ID 2- Purchase (text) Currency ID 3- Purchase (text) Currency 1 - Purchase (number) Currency 2- Purchase (number) Currency 3- Purchase (number) Purchase amount in Euro 1(number) Purchase amount in Euro 2(number) Purchase amount i
  7. Thanks. This conditional Value list works great. But now I am making it a bit more complicated by adding more steps to the case calculation. And then things don't seem to work proper anymore. Here's what I have: Case( Score < 0 or Score > 100 ; "Invalid Entry" ; Score = 100 ; "O/F" ; Score ≥ 1 and Score ≤ 99 ; " P/L" ; Score =0 ; "M/C/NO"; IsEmpty (Score); "ALL") But now I would like to add a second step that will overrule parts of the above case calculation: Case ( Payment received < 100 and Score = 100; "O"; Payment received = 100 and Score = 1
  8. I have two fields (status and score) that are connected together by a case calculation. Meaning if a score is filled in of 100 the status will be O (order), is the score between 1-99 status will automatically be P (proforma). That I can get done. But when a score is zero that can mean three things; either status, M (missed), C (cancelled) or NO (No offer). Would it be possible to create a pop-up menu in which one can select one of the three statuses when a score of zero is filled in the score field? Hope someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks, Dutchy
  9. Hi Genx, Thanks for the info, that link was really useful but I still can't seem to get this to work. How can going back to the last used layout be so complicated?? When I set up a global number field "Last layout" I always go back to the layout number that is set in that field. I do however keep the selection of the last layout I used but do not go back to that layout. I tried scripting this in the way you suggested with Set Variable. However then nothing happens. Your link gave me some new ideas but the way that it is set up seems to be impossible for what I need to do. Is there a simp
  10. Hello Phil, Thanks for your help. However I can't seem seem to get it working properly. I set up a global Number field - "Lastlayout" than made a script: Setfield [Projects::lastlayout; Get (LayoutNumber)] and a script Go to layout (Projects::lastlayout). Made a button that preforms the go to "(last)layout" script. However when I click on this button I keep going back to the same layout and not the one that I used last. I know I am doing something wrong but am not sure what. I'll keep trying to figure it out. Any tips would be welcome. Dutchy
  11. Hi I can't seem to get it to work or don't don't really understand the concept. Adopting the concept seems extremely complicated. Isn't there an easier way?: Thanks Dutchy
  12. Sorry I mean list view. It is impossible to make just a button to go to another layout because I would like to go the previous layout or list view. which can differ every time. I have one main layout in which changes can be made and 20 secondary layouts (list views)in which no changes can be made. So I would like to be able to easily switch between them. Button to go to main layout (like the way you said) and then a button to go back to the previous layout/selection but I can't seem to make this happen. Thanks Dutchy
  13. Hi all, I am trying to make my search/find option a little bit easier to use but it is not really working the way I would like. I have one main layout in which new records can be added and all the info is gathered. The other layouts are reports/table views of the (filtered) data gathered in the main layout. Most of the searching through that data will be done in the table views (as they give me the best overview of the data) After finding the right project/report one can click a button to go to that particular record in the main layout. Now the problem is that I would also like that to wo
  14. Hello, can't seem to find where I can add a hyperlink to a field or text. Would like to add a link (or a couple) to certain documents (word and pdf). And show these links in a record / field. This Mainly to have easy access to the documents. one click on the hyperlink and the document opens in a new window? Can anybody point me in the right direction? Thanks, Dutchy
  15. Hi, I am trying to make sure all my records are always sorted automatically by project number (ascending). Also Including newly added records that have a lower project number then the previous record. I can get the records to sort but they are unsorted as soon as I re-open filemaker or switch to a different layout. How can I make sure my records are always sorted? Dutchy
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