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  1. I have a table/layout called "Quote". The "Quote" layout has a portal on a tab to create related records in a table "Item 1". "Item 1" in turn has 2 related tables, "Material Line Items" and "Labor Line Items". These are in portals on the same tab. This scenario occurs 15 times. Therefore I have 15 tabs each of which can contain various categories of "Items" each with multiple "Material Line Items" and "Labor Line Items" The report I am trying to create would show "Item 1" with all of its "Material Line Items" and "Labor Line Items" subtotaled, followed by any of the remaining "Items 2-15"
  2. I am trying to create a report that shows line items from numerous tables. I have a layout with portals for each table showing the records I want to display, however I cannot get the portals to shrink down when displaying the layout in Preview mode. This leaves me with large blank spaces on my report. Also, is there a way to make graphic objects such as lines used above "Total" fields, to not print if the "Total" field is empty. Thank you
  3. I have a field with an Auto Entry Serial Number. The field is a text field that uses a number with leading zero's, i.e. "00142" and increases by "1" with each new record request.I need to create a script such that when a record is deleted, the serial number automatically gets reset so the next new record continues where it was left. My trys using the "Setfield" script and adding 1 converts the serial number to a number and I lose the leading zeros. Thank you for your help. DT
  4. Thank you Your solution worked perfectly. I really appreciate your help.
  5. I have summary and calculation fields that are on a layout that is in a different table than the summary and calculation fields are for. They work OK with the exception that you have to click in them to get them to update when information that they summarize or calculate is changed. Is there any way to make these fields update automatically when any of the fields that they summarize or calculate from are changed? Thanks
  6. Yes, I have that now. I was hoping to be able to create a search that would only show the most recent records in each catagory. Thanks for your help anyway.
  7. I have numerous banana records each with a different date, numerous apple records each with a different date, numerous orange records each with a different date, etc. How can I create a quick search that finds the most recent record for each catagory based on the date field, i.e. the most recent banana, most recent apple, etc. Thank you
  8. Thank you so much. I very much appreciate the help.
  9. How can I write a script to automatically check the check box for the "Billed" field in all of the records in a found set? Thank you
  10. How can I automaticaly create a record ID that has the last 2 digits of the current year followed by sequential numbering that updates itself to begin back at number 1 when the new year begins. Example: 0701 0702 0703... Next year the records would begin to number themselves: 0801 0802 0803... Probably simple for most of you, but I am having a hard time. Thank you
  11. Thanks so much! Worked the first time, however I still have the problem that when it switches to Preview it previews the first record not the current record being browsed. Any help?
  12. 1. While viewing a record in Browse, how can I create a script to switch to Preview and view the same record? 2. How can I add a button in Preview that does not print, to return me to the same record in Browse.
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