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  1. OMG I forgot my 2nd grade math skills. I'm going to crawl under my rock now. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi everyone! I can't seem to get this one but it seems as though it should be a simple calculation. I'm trying to set up a calculation field that references a number field and returns positive value if it's negative and a negative value if it's positive. Here's my approach which is apparently wrong: [color:blue] Case( Amount < 0 ; Filter ( "1234567890." ; Amount ); "-" & Amount ) I think it's wrong because when it references an amount like "-10,000" it returns "10". What happened to the other "0"s? Thanks in advance.
  3. That may be the solution for me. Thank you so much for your help and walking me through this.
  4. I do have a "file server" but it's more of a workstation that everyone backs their work up to at the end of the day. I guess I need to do more research on how to set up a true file server.
  5. When I attach a file (referenced) from a client computer it has a completely different path because it's still stored on the client computer. If I now double click on that field from the host computer, I get the same error message.
  6. The double click works on the host computer but not for any of the client computers (over FMNET). I've even turned on File Sharing on the host computer. I even mounted the host computer's volume to the client's computer (through File Sharing) just to see if that would work, and nothing. Am I missing a step to direct each client to the reference folder of PDF files on the host? Thanks again. Edit --> The error message I'm getting when I double click the container field on a client computer is: The file "Test.pdf" could not be found and is required to complete this operation"
  7. Thank you for your response. That helps to know that now. Once I established the path, how would I go about using that in a script that the clients could use it to open the referenced file? "Export Field" had the option built right in it to open file immediately. I don't see how I could open a referenced PDF file using the "Open File" script step, and If I use the "Open URL" script step, it opens my browser rather than Acrobat. Why do I have a feeling I'm missing something so obvious here. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi everyone. Thanks in advance for your help. I've practically given up at this seemingly simple script. I'm sharing a database over the FMNetwork using a Mac running OS 10.5 and hosting to other Macs running the same OS. I'm attempting to write a script that exports a referenced file (a pdf file located on the host computer) from a container field to the "Get(TemporaryPath) directory then immediately open. So far I have: Set Variable [$TempFilePath; Value: Get (TemporaryPath) & GetAsText (container field] Export Field Contents [container field; "$TempFilePath"; Automatica
  9. Thanks for replying Daniele, The calculation of Invoice status is a text calculation field within the Invoices table that relates to the amount of payment received: [color:gray] "cInvoiceStatus" = Case ( cPaidAmount = 0 or IsEmpty(cPaidAmount) ; "Receivable" ; cPaidAmount > 0 and cPaidAmount < cInvoiceTotal; "Partially Paid" ; cPaidAmount = cInvoiceTotal; "Paid" ; ) [color:black]I need this field to accurately set the invoices status. If there's another way to create this relationship I'd love to hear some suggestions.
  10. I apologize for posting this question in the wrong area (if I indeed have). I'm new to this site and am in desperate need for help. I've been using FileMaker for about 4 months now. My "Thanks" in advance to anyone with the time to help me out. I'm going to try to state this as quickly as possible: I have a "Customer" table and an "Invoices" table. I want to show a filtered Invoices portal within the Customer Table. I'm using a global field "zInvStatus" in the Customers layout as a check box set that relates directly to the calculation field "cInvoiceStatus" in the Invoices table. Th
  11. Uh oh. Now I'm really stuck. Anyone have any suggestions to why double clicking in a field containing a file will not open the file?
  12. Hey Twd70! Thanks for getting back to me. Great to see another OSX user. Yes, I am the only user (for now) and the files are all in one location and inserted with the "store only reference" option. Double clicking in the field containing the reference file does not produce any results (I would have felt really dumb if it did). Do I need to set up a script for that field for that to work?
  13. I'm definitely a newbie at FileMaker but am extremely excited to learn more and more. I'm going to start with an embarrassingly simple question. I've created a "client & project" database with a layout that contains a container filed. I've inserted a reference PDF file (the project estimate) into the container field. Here's the embarrassing question: How can I set up a script that lets simply lets the file open when I click on the container field? I can get it to bring up a dialogue box that asks me where I want to save a copy of the file, but I don't want to have all these dupli
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