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  1. All, Thanks for the replies. I'm pretty new to filemaker and db's in general, so I'm playing with these options. I don't fully understand all the functions in use, but I'm learning. Thanks, Erick.
  2. I have a customer table related to an orders table. I'm trying to make a calculation or write a script to calculate commissions. The commission will be calc'd on a set of 4 Orders for customers that I've flagged as "commissionable". For new customers it will be the first 4 orders. For old 'Inactive" customers it will be on their most recent 4 orders. I'm not sure the best way to get only the records that fit the criteria. I've had no luck with a calculated field. I've tried a script but it just loops through all the orders. Any pointers are much appreicated. Eric
  3. LaRetta, I am stuck with a very poorly designed table structure. 5 years ago when I hired a company to build my online ordering system I was thrilled just to have it done. Today, I'm feeling much pain for poor planning. Typical small business mentality, I suppose. We are planning to update the db soon. But for now I'm diving in to Filemaker to fill in the gaps. This forum has been a huge help already. Erick. www.emotionmedia.com
  4. DJ, Thanks for the quick replies. I Implemented your idea of setting a binary field in the order table, then used a sum function in the customer table. Worked perfectly. Bruce. I'll take a look at the custom function. I did recently upgrade to Version 9 Advanced. Thanks again. I never would have figured that out on my own.
  5. I've been stumped here for a few days. I have a customer table and an order table related via the CustomerID field. I have 3 basic products that customers order. I want to store the count of each order type in a calculated field inside the customer table. I need to store it because I have to export those fields. For product 1 I created a calc field that says: Case ( _orders::productA = "Yes" ; Count ( _orders::order_id ) ; 0 ) This works perfectly. The strange thing is when I add a second calc field for productB, it only works for some records. For example,
  6. I've spent the past couple hours reading through the posts but can't figure out what I need. I'm not a database guy, but I'm using Filemaker to solve a business problem. Currently, I have a backend mySQL database running my ordering website. That works great. But now I need to create a set of tasks based on what products were ordered for internal processing. So right now, using my ODBC connector, I import an exact copy of the customer table and order table from the mySQL db. So far so good. But how do I automatically have filemaker create tasks for me to assign to my
  7. Great idea! That is exactly what I need to do. I can't believe I never saw that option before now. Thanks! I'll report back.
  8. Tom, I've played with the cartesian join but got stumped on the layout. If I understand you correctly, I make a cartesian join between the 2 orders tables? Or between the 2 orders table and the customers table? Once the join is made, what table do I base the layout on? I tried this before but couldn't figure out how to make the relationships work to get the portal setup.
  9. John, Thanks for the quick reply. I agree with you on combining the tables. The problem is I'm syncing my filemaker db with a MySQL db solution that is already setup this way. I've spoken to the developer and it is a major change for him to combine the tables. So, I'll keep trying to get creative to solve this. I thought about creating a new table called All_Orders. In it I would have 3 fields: All_Orders ID CustomOrderID - foreign key back to customerOrder table DesignedORderID - foreign key back to DesignedOrder table The idea being that I could setup a script to
  10. Hi all. This is my first post here, so please, be gentle. I'm developing a view into our online ordering system, but I can't figure out how to get the layout to show me all my records. I have a customers table setup. From that table I have a one-to-many relationship to 2 other tables: 1. custom_orders 2. designed_orders I setup a layout based on the customers table. I then created a tab control with 2 tabs to show the custom & designed orders for a customer. So far so good. Now I want to have a layout that shows me All order from both the custom_orders table
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