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  1. Thank you both for your replies. Ocean West your way worked a treat, it does just what I wanted. Thank you :
  2. Hello, Can any one tell me what I'm doing wrong or if indeed it can be done. I'm going to describe it in it's basic form but of course I have lots more field in the database I'm using, just removed all the field name to make it easy to see what I want. OK, I have tables as below with the fields in them as shown: customers: cutomer_ID customer_name customer_company bookings: booking_IDfk booking_type booking_date The "customer_ID" is a serial number created on any new record. I then have two LAYOUTS, one for CUSTOMERS and the other for
  3. OMG, that was so easy... never thought to look there, I was dreaming up some sort of calc to do it... Thank you..... :)
  4. Have an old FM file that has 880 records in it, we have added a serial number field and asked it to start counting from 881 and this is does with any new records. What we would like it to be able to put the serial number into the old records, of course old records have nothing in the serial field. Apart from typing in 1-880 into every record, could it be done some how I assume changing the field from a serial to something else, add the numbers then turning back on the serial number option. R
  5. It would but if I need to print this data in a report I need to make sure the format is forced to upper so I assume just making it upper duting entry is the best way. Thanks for your reply.
  6. Sorry about my first post, not very good at describing this. Yes what you say is correct, apart from the end bit. field 1 - user enters postcode, with a calc makes it uppercase if uses didnt use uppercase. field 2 - data from field one is auto entered to make it the same, so yes the data will be upper case as field one takes care of that. But if the user needs to change field 2 to another postcode and does not use upper case it need to make it upper case with a calc. So field 1 has just one calc. And I assume I would need two calcs for field 2 Thanks again i
  7. Thanks for the calc, but that dont seem to work at all, it does not feed the data from contact 1 into contact 2 Then if you add data into contact 2 it still stay lowercase. R
  8. Thanks for the reply, just tried it checked and un checked and it still leaves text in lower case.
  9. Still very new to FM, I have a simple database that stores multi contacts in a TABed area. And it is set so that when you enter the first contact it also auto fills in the second contact with the same data, so if the user is in the wrong TAB they see the same address, then if they want the second contact different they simple type over the data. This I have got to work with no problem, auto fill second contact with first contact data, thats simple. The problem I have is the postal code area I have set to be upper case with a calculation " upper (contact 1 postcode) " and this wo
  10. Thank you, I got it to put an "X" into that field so it works in terms of the calculation. But it does not put in an "N" but as I only need to find the vaule "X" that does not matter. The problem I have now is I cant get it to find, what I would like it to do is I can create another layout and on that have a "portal" that lists only the entry that have the X in them. Can you give me some pointer how to do this. Just got myself "FileMaker Pro 8 the missing manual" but not finding many answers.... yet. Thank you.
  11. Hi, Building a very simple call back system and having a bit of trouble trying to find the records that meet the check, todays date with a N call back complete flag. What I have is this: Table one: Company (txt field) First Name (txt field) Last Name (txt field) Table two: call back date (date field) call back by (txt field with drop list) call back notes (txt field) call back comp (txt field with drop down two option Y/N) In the main table layout I simply have the "company, first and last name" then a "portal" that shows me the four field from table 2, this i
  12. raymate

    Multi email

    Guess this has been covered before but what I'm trying to do is do a search in a FM8 DB and then send a mass email. We send out a newsletter and need to send it in one email using BCC so the email addresses are not on display for all to read and keep our clients private. This I have got to work but I think it's a bad idea to send say 50-150 (depends on the search) email addresses using just one email in case it gets classed as spam. So what I would like to do is have a script that will take the found records after we have seached them and then batch the addresses say into 20 ema
  13. Thank you so much, that is spot on, just what I wanted to do. Still new to FileMaker and is just shows it can do anything. Do you recomend any good books so I can maybe work this sort of thing out myself? Thanks again for you help. Regards R
  14. I have a "notes" field using an edit box that the user can scroll up and down for adding text on a record. I want to have a button that when clicked it will insert the current date in red and bold at the point the pointer is in the notes field and have the text the user enters in black. I can make a button and get it to insert the date but I cant work out how to have it do it in a different colour. I would also like it to add a space after the date so the user can click the button and just type the note, It would be very cool if the button could also make the pointer got to the
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