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  1. Good Afternoon All, I have a weird situation where I have two client machines at one remote location running the same files hosted from our filemaker 8 server. (at the home office) When running complex scripts from these client machines, the wireless laptop (macbook) plugs through just fine and finishes the entire batch of scripts. If you try to run the same script on the wired desktop system (intel iMac) it hangs and messes up all the remaining processes it should have performed. Other than checking the energy save, does anyone have any insight on this. Thanks! Marc
  2. John, Do you have a script for this by chance. I have been fiddling with this with no headway. A bit lost in this one! Thanks!
  3. What is the network setup. Are you sitting behind a firewall or router and is one of those appliances handing out internal addresses???
  4. Good Morning all, I have an issue with an Accounts Receivable report that I would like help with.. We have it setup where it is a sub-summary (leading/trailing) by customer #. Depending on the amount of items a customer purchases, some customers have one page of items, some two pages, and some have three pages when printing reports. Has anyone built or know a way of just printing the last page of each customer statement when you have a found set of data pulled up? This will show the customer the last several items posted to the account along with the Sub Summary totals (charges, payments, total due) I tried limiting this by date range, but it gives false data in the total charges, total payments and total due since the entire record details are not there. Thanks for your help!
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