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  1. One of the fields in the portal is the field from related table of the field displayed in the portal and that field is a container field which contains the image of the product. I think the issue is with that. If I remove that field and add just the product name, I am able to display the portal data by searching the people data. If I copy the same portal to secondary tab, it displays all the fields in the portal including the container field.
  2. Hi, I am using Filemaker 14 and Filemaker server 14. I have people DB, Product DB and orders DB. On People DB, I have portals for ralated Products and related orders. People and Orders are related only through Products table. When I open the people layout for the first time and navigate through records to the record I want, I see the products and orders in the portals. But when I open the people layout for the first time and search for the record I want, I only see the data in products table and I do not see the data in orders table. When I click the ralated
  3. Yes. We are upgrading the clients and windows servers to 2008 too. I started this upgrade and lot of things has changed on Filemaker server side. WPE had its own Admin account which was used on filemaker account privileges to allow fields to be seen on Lasso server. iii) WPE Admin account . I do not see that anymore. What happens now? Also, There was Admin account between WPE and Filemaker server FileMaker Server identifier/passcode I only see FMSA Admin console account. Please advice.
  4. · Hi, Currently I am running Filemaker Server 8.5 accessed by Filemaker Pro 8.5 and Filemaker Pro Advanced 8.5. My application also connects to WPE using Lasso professional server 8.5. and also interacts with MYSQL 5.1 to import and export some data which is hosted on web by Lasso pages. Currently I have a separate user setup on Filemaker server for WPE Admin which on Filemaker DB files which fields are visible on webpage or not. I am upgrading to Filemaker server 8.5 to filemaker Server 14 and setting up Admin console and I do not see any Admin account for WPE. Am
  5. When we started thinking about the upgrade, the latest available version was 12 and now that 13 is released, yes that coulnd be an option. @ Bruce, When you say convert is required, when I copy the files to server and open them, covert takes place automatically or do I have to manually convert them?
  6. Hi, I am currently using Filemaker Server 8 for server and Filemaker Pro 8 for clients and Filemaker Pro 8.5 Advanced as developer version. Filemaker pro clients run on Mac OS X version 10.4.11 and Filemaker server runs on windows server 2003 Along with this we use MYSQL 5.1 and Lasso Professional 8.5 We are planning to upgrade our system to latest versions of softwares and want to know Do’s and Don’ts. Initially these were installed by person who has known these software for life time and I am just maintaining the DB for changes and enhancements. This is my first time buying these soft
  7. Did you get to implement this? I am using Filemaker server 8 and want to implement the same to bypass the home screen and login to database. Any help on this is appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hi, I am using Filemaker 8.5 advanced and in my Filemaker application I have implement payment system using web service calls. I have no clue as to how to initialize an instance, Exchange public keys to obtain a token and with that token , I have to charge the credit card making web service calls. Is there any plug-in for web services? I looked at the URL one from Troi, but not sure if that works for web service calls. http://www.beezwax.net/products/wsp is for filemaker 9 and above, but is not supported anymore. If this feature is available in newer versions of Filemaker, It mig
  9. Hi, I have a starnge situation. I added a new nightly sweep. I basically duplicated an exisitng progam and changed the tables so that data will now import to newly created tables. I have a schedular setup to run this every night. The schedular runs the programs, it goes the table layout, deletes the old records and imports nothing. the message says imported 0 records. But when I open this program and run it manually, it imports all the records. I checked to see that the file where the newly created tables are have Full access to delete, add and modify records. No restri
  10. Hi, I have 2 tables. Orders table and Template table. Orders are created every issue from template table. But the customers can modify the order for that issue. Both these tables are related by issue ID. I want to create the the report to campare the total count of actual order of booklets every issue Vs the count of booklets customers are supposed to order. When I place the summary fields from both the tables in sub summary part on the report, it shows the total for just one table, the other subtotal is the total of last order. How can I get the subtotals of both the fie
  11. Hi, Is it possible to have the rounded corner fields on the layout? I am using Filemaker pro advanced 8.5. I am dispaying the photos in the field and would like to have rounded corners for the field. Since the image heights vary, I cannot overlap the image border with rounded drawing items. Please advise. Thanks.
  12. Hi All. I have Lasso 8.5 to working with FM Server Advanced 8.5. In Lasso Admin, the Host is FM SA, the Database access is set to see the required layout from Filemaker DB. I have a webinterface layout which displays data from different tables. I see all the data like invoice amount, Discounts and commissions on that layout from Filemaker side. This layout has the portal too. On Lasso Admin, I see all these fields from webinterface layout. On Lasso page, I display the Invoice details data from this webinterface for my customer. The problem is, it displays all the
  13. Hi, I have a number field which I am using as a flag. In my report I want to print some text if the flag is 1 else don't print anything. Is it pissible to have the condition like this and print the field on report. Thanks
  14. Hi , Yes it is my post and thanks for the reply. My text file .txt is tab delimited. MySQL exports data to this file and some of the values in the file are NULL. I need to import these records to filemaker. Import fails with this NULL values. So I am planning to open this .txt file and substitute all the NULLs with single space or nothing and then import the data. Need help.
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