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  1. Inky Phil, while I completely appreciate your response, I was wondering where within FM Forums can you find Relational Structuring advice? More specifically are there any examples to download and examine? I have a solution Ive been working on for a while that I would like to optimize.
  2. I have an old friend in the Filemaker biz, one of those Amadeus types who assimilates everything Filemaker develops at the maximum level of potential, but I have since fallen out of touch with him. WHERE can I find guidance on sophisticated relationship structuring as relates to separating data from interface or even running calculations through separate relationships (to maximize performance and modularity) :? Anything here in the forum? books? other websites? Thanks in er..."advance" for your help.
  3. ARRG. : With Layout Tabs, I have quite the solution now, only somehow, I have a number 2 tab (second from the left) in a row of 4 tabs that pops up first on navigation to the layout where the layout tabs exist and I cannot remember how to fix this so the number 1 tab comes up first. I know I read it somewhere on here but there are at least 3 different kinds of tabs in FMP, so finding the article is proving difficult. Can anyone help?
  4. Ok...two questions here. First: Of what use really is a repeating calculation field? And secondly, can you write a formula that creates different calculations per repetition - and here's the tricky part: can you create different calculations per repetiion within one calculated field?
  5. That answered my question perfectly! Thank you so much. Maybe we'll get more control over objects in Filemaker 10? Thanks again! - Joel
  6. Thank you for your reply, while Im pretty familiar with the visibility routine on the DBP website... its manipulating object attributes through scripting on named objects that Im really after....can you site any examples of this with merge fields?
  7. Does anyone know if you can change an object that is named on your layout, (not a field) such as the color of a line of text typed directly on the layout? I have a few items I would like to change based on conditions in scripts, but most of the operations you can choose in a script have to do with fields and do not seem to effect the named object (named objects being the latest feature of 8.5)
  8. For newbies reading this...Im answering my own question - You plug in VB Script using "Send Event" from a Script. Most of the solutions I have developed never had to jump outside Filemaker, so that was new to me, I just picked that up after researching the previous suggestion...FYI for anyone reading this.
  9. Ok, Im open for that, but where do you plug in the VB script in FMP?
  10. This goes along with some of my other posts. The application I am working on produces a book. In that book references to PDFs or the PDFs themselves are stored in container fields. Recently I am favoring just storing the references based on being able to obtain the path to the PDF in question. Here is the problem: I want to print this book. That is the whole purpose of my applications development. The portion of the book developed in FMP is a no brainer to get it to print in sequence. But then I get to these areas where parts of the book have been developed in other programs with the in
  11. I am writing an application that generates a report. Essentiall their is a parent database and several children. The child db's comprise the major chapters / sections. Subsections within each chapter are handled through concatenated portals, based on the primary key from the parent, and whatever subsection id I assign. For example: 1|2 means the primary key "1" from the parent and the second subsection. In this way, the major sections or chapters in the book can change in size as needed. My question is this: Can you limit a subordinate database in a portal to only one record? and if so,
  12. I definitely will update you on the printing issue from the Webviewer. Thank you for your response. - Joel
  13. In the solution that I am working on, I will be tracking alot of documentation. I have a fear of storing numerous PDFs in container fields in the application because it might bloat based on file size and become slow. Is there a trend in creating a separate file for storing graphics / pdfs / etc... that would be linked to a main file in order to keep from overloading the main file? What are some rules of thumb here?
  14. I have read some questions regarding Webviewers and PDFs. I have noticed that when I drag and drop a PDF only the icon shows up and that when I use "Insert Object", that OCCASIONALLY, the actual PDF will show up. Is there a trick to getting the snapshot of the PDF to show up in a container field? And how does it differ in Windows from Mac? ( I use both)
  15. Hello, I am creating a solution that requires the user to print a map from the Webviewer inside of a Print routine, so that, essentially, the map is printed in the right order in a stack of other documents. I have no problem creating formulas, etc, to get the maps I need, but do you have to trigger a print function using Javascript or is there a way to do this with the "Send Event" function? What are some good approaches? I am using FMP8.5 Advanced. Thanks...er...in advance... :)
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