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  1. I don't believe I am explaining this very well so I will try again. I have added an external table to the relationships graph, but the table does not appear on the TABLES tab or can not be selected on the FIELDS tab. All other parts of the external table are working fine - meaning I can see the data and create layouts from it, etc. Thanks and sorry for the confusion.
  2. I need to clarify. What I am trying to do is add a calculation to the table "names" that is coming from the source database (file) in the customers database. I can't see the table on the tables tab in the customers database and therefore I can't get to the fields in order to add a calculation. I can see the table names in the relationship graph in the customers database. Thanks
  3. I have a FileMaker database called "source" that has a table called "names" that I want to "link/share" with a second FileMaker database called "customers". I have added the "source" database to the "customer" database and have successfully added the "names" table to the relationship graph. My problem is that the "names" table is not listed when you go FILES>DEFINE>DATABASE>TABLES. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? Thanks
  4. I have a similar many to many relationship question. I have one table of 25 different price groups. I have another table of 1,000 part numbers. In this case 1 price group can have many part numbers and 1 part number can have many price groups. My intermediate table has price group and part number. How can I effectively assign my part numbers to their appropriate price groups without having to manually assign each one? Thanks Kurt
  5. I have been reading all the posts I can find on this topic and I want to make sure I understand what is going. I have a report with a sub-summary section where the body information is large enough that it will not fit on one page. I am trying to get the sub-summary information to repeat on the subsequent page(s) when this occurs. I believe from what I have read that there is not a straight-forward way to accomplish this goal - am I correct? I am new to FileMaker having used Microsoft Access. In Access this can easily be done in a report by telling the "section" (same thing as sub-summary)
  6. Thanks for the suggestions - can you please be a bit more specific? I have only been using FMP for a few weeks and unfortunately I am not entirely clear on how I implement your suggestion. Thanks
  7. How do I make the FIND based on the account name run automatically - say when they push a button? I know how to accomplish it manually. I have been playing with various scripts, but have not had any luck. Thanks
  8. I have created an application where I restrict the records that the user can view / edit / report on based on security / privileges that use the users account name. This part works, but when I direct the user to the proper layout all the records are there with the ones they are not allowed to see indicating . I am trying to make it so all they see are their records and not the no access. I have been thinking if I can do a FIND based on user account then I should be able to get rid of the unwanted records. The field where I am capturing the account name is called - "Created_By". An
  9. I am new to FMP and I am hopeful that the script talked about in this thread might help my problem. I am trying to use a script to automatically reduce the found set to records that match the account name of the user. Basically I want them to be able to log-in and then click a button that takes them to a layout where the recordset has already been reduced to only their records. I have the security functioning to where they can only see their records, but I am trying to get rid of the records. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  10. Hello. I am a brand new FileMaker Pro user coming over from a Microsoft Access background. I am having an issue with an application that I have created. Through security and privileges I have managed to control the records that a user can view / edit, but I have not found a way to get rid of the records. My application has a field called "Created_By" that captures the account name of the user that creates the record. In security / privileges I use a "Created_by= Get (Account Name) to restrict the records that can be viewed / editied. I actually have the application set-up so a supervisi
  11. I am assuming by your comment that FMP will not do crosstabs? I have used these quite successfully in past development work. Thanks
  12. I am curious as to what would be the better design option? In my past Access development I have had the name of the product line and one to one information about that product line linked to a portal which contains all the specific part numbers for that line and the subsequent technical data that will not fit in a single portal. Any suggestions?
  13. I am new to FMP, but have done quite a bit of database design work in MS Access. In access I could create a "subform" (i.e. - portal) that had both vertical and horizontal scroll bars. I could even "freeze" columns so during horizontal scrolling I would be able to see the key field - for example a part number - and its corresponding "technical specifications". I have tried the same type of arrangement with a portal, but it appears as if it is severely limited in its ability to handle more columns of data then what fit in the portal. Am I missing something? Is their a different way to acco
  14. Will merge fields address the issue I described above? Thanks
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