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  1. That did the trick, thank you very much. The 1-17 records and 18-49 records are not different but the report has to be broken out in this grouping.
  2. [color:orange]Short Version: Is there anyway to resort a table by a specific field so that the record numbers are renumbered? For example: Record Number::::Field [color:green]1:::::01/01/2008 [color:green]2:::::07/01/2008 [color:green]3:::::03/01/2008 [color:green]4:::::12/01/2008 Becomes after you sort: Record Number:::::Field [color:green]1:::::01/01/2008 [color:red]2 ([color:green]old number 3):::::03/01/2008 [color:red]3 ([color:green]old number 2):::::07/01/2008 [color:green]4:::::12/01/2008 [color:orange]Long Version: I have a timesheet database
  3. That is wicked!!! Thank you. Any new charges will require a new entry into the database and a new file including a new file label, so there is no worry of the labels getting outdated.
  4. I have a client tracking database in filemaker that keeps track of my clients. I have a tab that has a portal that keeps track of their criminal charges. Each row has case number and description. I would like to use filemaker to print my file labels for my client. The label will show what charges the client has. Is there a way to use the data stored in the portal to create a summary field that can be used on the label? For example: Client: John Smith Case Number and Description fields in portal: 07-M-123 DUI 07-M-124 No Insurance 07-M-125 Obstructing an Offic
  5. I figured it out. The value list I was made was using "Use Value List from another file" which would only show the first record. Since I created a file reference in the Phone.fp7 to the Client.fp7 file I was able to use the Client table in my Phone.fp7 file. I changed the value list to use "Use values from field:" and selected the fields from the referenced table. And poof, all clients from Client.fp7 are showing up in the drop down in Phone.fp7
  6. It is two separate files. At some point I would like to sell the Client database/application to other lawyers and give them the option to use the Phone database/application for an additional price. I thought it would be easier to have two files that could communicate with each other then to have one file that would require me to hide unpaid for functionality.
  7. I have two database files: Client.fp7 - Tracks time worked on client's case. Phone.fp7 - records phone call message As I get my voicemail messages, I record the information in Phone.fp7. Some messages are related to client that can be found in Client.fp7. I would like to be in Phone.fp7 and have a drop down (or some other tool) that allows me to link the phone message to a client in Client.fp7. There is no relationship between the two table I am using in Client.fp7 and Phone.fp7. All I have been able to do is create a drop down that has the 1st client in Client.fp7...it do
  8. That custom function is perfect. Thank you so much.
  9. I have two layouts. 1st - Has a portal for rows 1-17 2nd - Has a portal for rows 18-50 1st also has a grand total field for rows 1-50. The grand total works fine. But how do I get a subtotal on the 1st layout for rows 1-17 only?
  10. This is what I found. To connect FM to Quickbooks you have to write a FM Plug-in. FM uses the external function to communicate with the Plug-in. I've only see information on FM Plug-in that are written in C++. Is this the only language that can be used to write a plug-in or can I use VB?
  11. I have the Quickbooks SDK installed and I have figured out the XML layout to add an invoice to quickbooks using the SDK. How do you tell Filemaker that you are using the Quickbooks SDK in scriptmaker? And how type code into the scriptmaker window instead of using the pre-defined commands? P.S. I don't want to use the add-in called FileBooks
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