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  1. Percentage Total is from the overall total for each survey (overall total determine from 4 areas of evaluation added up and / 4)that was found in a given date range (ie: 1/1/08...3/31/08) and those "overall totals" added up and divided by the "found count" of records to provide what I have defined as a "Percentage Total". Example: Sally Smith Scheduling: 84.5 Education: 100 Accommodations: 100 Customer Service: 58.7 343.2 / 4 = 85.8% For a quarterly report, I might find 67 evals and so I would take those overall totals and divide by the found count of records (67) to
  2. Thank you Fitch and Comment! I got pulled off on another fire the past couple of days. I didn't get to test your example yet but will be doing it this afternoon. This particular database is quite a challenge. The reporting the management wants from this system is very granular. Could I use the same calculation to get a percentage total based on the "found records" in a report and post to a field that is only setup to post that number? This would not include found records that has a value of "NA" (people who were in the system but did not do a survey).
  3. Hello all, I am working on a calculation that will present a percentage in a field based on a radio buttons 1 thru 5 and NA selection. (1 being excellent, 5 being poor) NA would just be a "0". There are 4 sections, each section containing anywhere from 3 to 6 questions each. What I have to determine is the percentage of satisfaction in a field. So I am able to break down the questions worth (in percentage) as such: 1 = 100 2 = 75 3 = 50 4 = 25 5 = 0 NA = 0 So for example, I have 3 questions and the person rates a "1", a "2" and a "2". So 250 / 3 would be 8
  4. How well does FM Server manage resources like Disk I/O, Memory and Processor? Is it resource intensive for the standard 10 user environment with 3 databases?
  5. I have a Dell 2950 that is already setup correctly for SQL. OS on C: Logs on D: and Databases on E: (each is setup on their on independent Raid) Is it ok to have FM Server 9 installed on this same server? The utilization is not high with SQL so I believe it would be ok but wanted to validate with some of the folks who are doing this today. Thanks! Chris
  6. I wouldn't say "problems" but rather "a hard time". I have been working with a seperate DB file querying the master database and so far, it can retrieve the info required for this report. a little tough to setup, but not too bad. Infact, DB performance from the Master is very good with awesome response times. While I do agree with you and Comment about having the data stored under one table and it would make reporting on the data easier, I wanted better DB performance for larger record containment. 5 tables was the way to achieve this.
  7. Impossible? How can that be when I can query the system for each question and get the result? It is a manual process the way I do it of course, but it can be done. I could see your point if the system brought back incorrect results with each query but I haven't had that issue...yet. The other day I did a report on this type of info for EACH QUESTION (talk about tired fingers)and was able to get the data. I was thinking that if I could script to find the result, and save the result in a global field, once all of the results totaled were collected, just have the report perform the calcs
  8. [color:red]Each record, to be specific, is a Satisfaction Survey that a patient would fill out rating us on how we perform in the 4 primary areas: Scheduling, Education, Accommodations, and Customer Service. On the Scheduling Section Question 1, "Customer Service was prompt to contact to schedule my appointment?" They would rate a 1,2,3,4,5 or NA (if required). The "Survey No" field is an auto populated field that is linked across the 4 Tables. I have attached the base structure of the file if you want to look at it with an example record. Very simple application and is quite effective fo
  9. I have a very complicated report that I must design for our company "Satisfaction Survey" system and not sure the best way, programmatically and design type. For you report guru's this should be a reasonable challenge as for me, it is rather difficult. I'm looking for a way to get this done and quickly. I have a database that contains 26 questions. 23 of them use 6 radio buttons (1 thru 5 being from excellent to poor and 6th button is NA) and 3 questions are Yes/No responses. Database is setup into 5 various tables linked together by a survey number. 4 of the areas (which point to 4
  10. Good day! I am in the process of setting two fields to auto enter a total (number) for two conditions: A particular drop-down selection is made and based upon a location field. example: I have a field named "Charges" and it has drop-down values of 95805, 95810, 95811. If I select "95810" I want it to populate two fields "Global Fee" with one specific charge and "Partner Fee" with another specific charge and in addition must evaluate a field called "location" to determine charges specific to that location. So I could have the follow senario in my table. (ignore the periods, they a
  11. LaRetta, Thanks for the input! All works perfect!
  12. Hi LaRetta! Thanks for the assistance! I use to be a member of this forum but somehow, my account was removed.(More than likely, due from inactivity) I used FileMaker extensively at a previous job and was pretty active in it. Worked with FM 7 and FM Server 7 Advanced. Now I am at a different job and demonstrating to executive management here, the power and finesse of FileMaker. For the features, I cannot find any other database system that does what I need it to do, as quickly as what FM can deliver. The Field I am searching on is an 'update' field and your response, I can work with
  13. Hello. Can anyone describe how I can setup a script to find all records that contain data in one particular field? I do not want to retrieve records that do not have any data in a defined field (null) I think the "IsValid tablename:fieldname" function plays a role here but I am so brain dead on where to go from here. Thanks much!
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