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  1. Ok Thanks. I could not find that information anywhere.
  2. I am sending a layout which has fields with drop down lists associated with some fields, as a PDF attached to an e-mail. I would like the receiver of the e-mail to be able to use the drop down lists and enter info into the PDF but I can't get that to work with FileMaker. Can someone tell me how I can make my PDF updateable by the person I e-mail it to? Thanks!
  3. :thumbup: Thanks everybody. I have to be honest. I read all your responses and since I'm pretty much a beginner I had trouble understanding a lot of it. But I have gotten my shading!!! This is how I did it. It works for text which is static - i.e it does not change its position on the layout - which is the case for me. The solution I am using: create a borderless box over the text I want to highlight. Do this by using the rectangular icon in the status area. When you do this initially your text will not be displayable - because the box is on top of the text. Then shade the box whatever color
  4. Thanks for all your responses. I'll give them a try and let you know!
  5. The shade didn't come out too well here. I am trying to use the FILL attribute so I cn shade certain words in grey so they stand out.
  6. :( This is what I [color:gray]mean. I need to [color:gray]shade certain words in the [color:gray]text. I have one big block of text and FM does not seem to let me [color:gray]shade only certain words. When I try to shad it shades the entire block of text. As 'dreamingmind' suggests I might have to split the text so that the words I want to shade are in a text block by themselves. I was hoping I would not have to do that. I can italacize words in a text block, but FM won't let me shade individual words?
  7. I have a block of text on a layout. I want to highlight just a few words within that block of text but it seems FileMaker will only let me highlight the entire block of text. What am I doing wrong? :(
  8. Mr Vodka, Ok this is working now. I went in to my layout and just deleted the space after the words 'wherein you' and somehow that magically fixed my last problem. Thanks again for your help! I am thrilled that this is working now. I can't thank you enough!!!!! Lorraine
  9. Mr_Vodka, This is so close to working but I am having one problem I can't figure out. Could you look at this when you have a minute and see if you can see what is causing the problem. The password to signon is 'password'. Once you sign on click on the Reports icon, then click on the 'OI TECS Response Letter'. When the letter is displayed you'll see I have a gap between the words 'wherein you'.... and 'expressed' which starts on the next line. I have no idea what is causing this gap because the phrase 'wherein you expressed' should be continuous text (as you can see when you are in Layout
  10. You know, this does seem to work. Give me some time to play around with it and see what I was doing that was different (and not working). I'll let you know for sure tomorrow or later tonight. I really really appreciate your help!!
  11. The problem I have is if user_1 text is longer than one line. Try that. If I key in more text so the user_1 text fills in all of line one and then goes to part of line two - see what happens.
  12. Here is a PDF file of my layout in Preview mode. See how the line starting with 'wherein' (which is a merge field) does not merge 'up' and fill in the space left after the variable portion on the previous line? Letter_Screen.zip
  13. yes, I tried a merge field and it merges fine with any field on the same line. But if the prior text is on a line above the 'variable' text, then I can't get the merge data to merge 'up' a line (even if I use sliding also).
  14. In the following text the underlined stuff is the variable text the user can key in. It can be any length. So it can end in the middle of a line. But I have the variable field on the layout expanded to the end of the line in case it is longer than just 1/2 the line (otherwise longer text gets truncated). Then I start the fixed text (starting with 'wherein')at the beginning of the next line. I made the fixed text a 'merge' field - hoping it would wrap 'up' to the prior line if the line is not filled. But it does not wrap 'up'. I was going to send you my FileMaker file for you to see wh
  15. I am creating a layout which is a letter. Most of the letter is fixed text but part of it is variable text entered by the user. I never know how long the variable text will be. I have tried every combination of sliding and merging that I can think of to get the fixed text to merge with the variable text but I don't know how to get text (variable or fixed) to wrap to the next line (or slide up and merge with the previous line) if it does not fit on the current line. Can anybody help? I have been working on this for days and I'm out of ideas. I'm relatively new to FileMaker so I am hoping someo
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