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  1. Hi Steve Thank you very much for your help. In the Set Field step I can only get as far as Set Field [YourTable::Products] But I can't figure out how to add ;"film" into the the equation. Any ideas? Gratefully Migs
  2. Hi bcooney. I'm most grateful for your answer, but I wish it to be a script that I will call from a button. I don't want that interactive search because it implies typing the search text over and over again. So if I have a button that is labeled "Find all records with film" (in the field named "products") it would be better. Thanks for your help Migs
  3. Friends: I've been searching but not finding how to do a simple find script to attach to a button as follows: Show all the records (so we know we are searching the whole database) then Find all the records where the field "products" contains the text "film" Thanks in advance for your help, Migs
  4. Hi Lee: You are a genius! I had to tweak it a bit but it worked fine and added a very useful script to a button that I needed to implement! I remain MOST grateful! Migs
  5. Hi Lee, thanks for answering. I have no related table. Its a really simple database of my software registrations. When I find the record I need, I switch to the more detailed layout, but there are usually some more as part of the selection. I want to omit those. Thanks again, Migs
  6. Friends: I search for some records, find five and select one (by clicking on it), then I change my layout to a detail one for editing that record. The question is: How do I omit the other 4 records in the selection so that when I print, via a button, the others wont print as well? Thanks amigos! Migs
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