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  1. thanks for the quick reply. so, guess what? there is no filemaker service listed. can i manually add it?? where do i get it??
  2. I'm a physician, and part-time hobbyist-programmer. the institute that i work for asked me to set up a DB to analyze QA data from our clinics in the field. I need to allow access to 3 other people on our network, including myself. I have set up the accounts and privileges (2 with full access, 2 with data entry access), and i opened the file on my computer (running Windows XP) with sharing enabled for the specified users. However, when they select "Open Remote" from the file menu, they do not see my computer listed as a local host. I have checked my settings, and my firewall is set
  3. :yay: This looks fantastic!! it's perfect!! so, i can see how to set up the field with the calculation.....what is the step then to actually do the import?? can i map all the fields with the "0" and "1" values to the imported field??? nevermind - i see that it must be that each record that is imported from the flat text file is seen as having only one field, which contains the 11 values together, and that comes in as "imported", right? i think i can apply this to my real data. again, thanks so much thanks so much (sorry for my delay in responding....i wasn't at the right
  4. i was hopeful that Post #202054 was going to hold the answer, but my problem seems to be slightly different. i need to import some large files into a FM 8 database, and i've created a sample pair of files to demonstrate my quandary. basically, i have several fields that are populated by value lists (up to 30 possible items per list), and i've been given some excel files that the user wants imported into the FM format...the values that would be in the checkbox fields are separate columns in the excel file, with the value "1" for checkbox=on, and "0" for checkbox=off. so, in my examp
  5. Michael, thank you, thank you, thank you!! that fixed it!! janaki
  6. i know that all the controls and fields in a tab must be within the tab boundaries, or they overlap on all the tabs, but i'm having trouble figuring out why this layout is not working. wondering if fresh eyes might help? TIA, janaki PEPFAR_QAQI.zip
  7. sorry 'bout that - I actually didn't want to password protest it at all, and i need to get rid of that - it was a bit accidental... the fake tabs are a long story - i started with real tabs, but had not figured out the portals yet, and so i made the fake tabs as a way to get at my related tables - obviously the wrong tack - i'm gonna make them back into real tabs. i agree with you, but this is the UID system that the end-user wants. i'm pretty sure that i do want list view, but now that you've pointed the scripts are going to the related tables - that may be the problem
  8. Hi, hoping someone can spot the problem in my design quickly, since i'm way late on producing this for our group..... : i have placed portals on four of the layouts (CD4, Followup, OI, Regimen), and I thought that they would automatically create a new line when i added data to the current record, but they are. hitting the "New Record" button while in the portal fields produces a new parent record, not a new child record in the portal. PEPFAR_ChartReview2.zip
  9. ah ha!! so that's what that portal thing is about!! i've been wondering. thanks for pointing the way...
  10. this seems like it should be obvious, but i'm not seeing it! i have a layout in list format. i want to add a set of values in the list, for a given parent record. is there any way to have a new record created automatically when i tab out of the last field in the view?? i've added a button to the header to create a new record, but i'd rather have it happen automatically, so the user can just tab through a long list....
  11. Royce, thanks for all the great suggestions....in the end, i didn't need to use the global setting (i couldn't for the life of me figure out how to do it anyway!!!) i discovered, after much playing around, that i had created an extra table that i didn't need. i ended up adding the Country and POS (clinic) fields to the Patient table, and then i was able to get the data to fill in appropriately. my working version (still with a few problems, but with the first layout issue virtually solved) is attached. when i got the original glitches worked out, i ended up having to add a bu
  12. Thanks, Royce, for the clear, step-by-step help!! I looked for where i could set the tab order, and thought i should be able to set it to go to the button....I'll look tomorrow (no FM on the home computer ) and now, i'll need to look into the global settings - that makes sense....so, does that mean that i take out the line to create a new record? anyway, i'll test this out tomorrow - you've given me a huge step forward! thanks again..
  13. OK - new to FP. Hoping someone can help, since I'm overdue on solving this problem for our group. attached is the file i'm working on. my main problem at present is that the first layout, called "PEPFAR_POS" allows the user to select a country from a pull-down menu, and then select on POS (clinic) within that country. (this works OK, although for some reason that I can't figure out, after selecting the POS, the focus goes back to the country select menu?!?) then, the user clicks the button to go to the data entry on a specific patient, and i tied that to a script that should do t
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