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  1. License code meaning, serial number? I actually used the same cd/serial for both computers. Could that be the reason?
  2. Having a little problem here... I'm on a network here in my office. There are 2 computers. One was running FM Pro 8.5 Advanced, the other was running FM 8.5 Demo. They were both working fine, hosting with one, and remotely opening it with the other one. This is on a LAN. So, the demo recently ran out of time, so I installed the FM Pro 8.5 Advanced on that computer as well. But now when I try to connect while one is hosting I get an error message "File could not be opened. The hosts capacity was exceeded, try again later." Can anyone help me? Everything was the same, except I replaced the demo on one computer with the full version...now it doesn't want to connect to the other computer anymore? Thanks...
  3. That is exactly the problem I'm having. For events crossing midnight, it's counting backwards, or adding 12 to it and giving me a negative result. I tried your method and it still seems to be doing that.
  4. I would like to define a new field, that would subtract two different times, and give me the difference. I have field A, the arrival time, and field B, the departure time. I want to have C show how many hours are in between them. All my events last less than a day. The problem I'm having is that Field A and Field B, are in Time format. Field C, is a calculation that has (Field - (Field A). What I want is for field C to give me the difference, but what it's doing is it's giving me a negative number because it's going back a whole day from AM to PM. Can anyone give me a tip on what to change? Thanks.
  5. I'm having trouble figuring out how to have filemaker automatically enter a order number/serial number for each entry. This is the way I'm doing it right now. In database I go to define, create a new name, and select "Number" as type, and under options I select serial number, check "Generate - on creation", and then I want it to start at 2500, and for each entry have it add 1. After I said OK, it doesnt show up and acts like I did nothing to it.
  6. In relation to my previous thread, I also wanted to know how I can share my file, but only allow certain users to access it only if they have the password to a file. I'm not talking about restricting certain fields, but mainly just having a password to the entire database for anyone that tries to access it via the the same computer, and along a network. Thanks.
  7. So I've figured out how to setup, and share files on a network. It was actually easier than I thought. Now I'm wondering, is there anyway to let the base computer which is the host, run, and then be able to connect to it from home, outside of the network. Thanks.
  8. Genx, I already have a LAN setup in the office. I'm not sure how the LAN is structured, but I will find out and let you know. I have not gone that far yet, but I will give it a try. Thank you.
  9. Hello, I'm pretty new to Filemaker Pro Adv. 8.5. I would like to setup a basic network so that I can have about 3-4 clients on this network. I'm having trouble figuring out what exactly I need to do to be able to have the computers on the LAN network, along with having my computer at home be able to access the database here at work. (I'm guessing that would be the WAN network) Thanks I'd really appreciate any help.
  10. I'm sure this has already been covered numerous times, but I just can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong. When defining a client database, one of the fields I have is phone numbers. I defined the field as a "Number" type. When I type in a 10-digit phone number in this format "8883334444" it automatically changes into "8.8833e+09". I don't want it to display in this form. What am I doing wrong? Thank you and I apologize if this has been covered already. I did a search but I couldn't find anything related to my problem.
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