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  1. Still the same: Error 154 BLOOM FMS 10 Schedule "Newsletter Shellscript" aborted; "sendnewsletter.sh" could not be found or is invalid. The PHP file sends emails to selected addresses. Could that be the problem?
  2. Done exactly what you said. It runs in terminal but not as a schedule in FMS10 Now what?
  3. @ Wim File is on same machine. Changed ip to localhost. No change. Also changed the shell command no nothing. Same error. I'm sure you're right it has to do with ownership. Changed it to fmserver and fmsadmin. No change. Cant adjust privileges now (-142 chmod failure). What does that indicate? I work in Coda. If I create new file in script folder it has no ownership or privileges. I can't adjust ownership. I can adjust privileges. How do I create a 'fresh' file? So that I'm sure all settings are correct? Thanks for your help!
  4. Fixed the execute but still same error... 2011-02-07 08:11:31.114 +0100 Error 154 BLOOM FMS 10 Schedule "Newsletter Shellscript" aborted; "sendnewsletter.sh" could not be found or is invalid. The php sends emails to selected addresses. Don't understand what you're saying if the server is same box.. Thanks for your help.
  5. Please help me with this (small) problem. New to doing shell scripts so sure it's something small Created a shell script and saved it (myfile.sh) in scripts folder. Fixed r/w privileges to fmserver. One line only in myfile.sh: curl FMS returns a invalid command error. If I run it in Terminal it works fine. What am I missing? Thanks, Marco
  6. btw I'll read those Key Concepts. Been a FM user for a long time but never did any reading on it. Self taught, and mainly working from (own) experience. The tricks I pulled to work around FM's interface shortcomings are numerous but they have mainly taught me to not do it. Accept FM as it comes... or don't use it. Now with FM9 I'm amazed with the fact that I'm still using System 7 checkboxes and scrollbars. To be honest I can't fargin believe it!!!!! Who remembers Hypercard? In Hypercard you'd have external functions and commands. This gave a lot of control over interface issues. You had al
  7. It's working but not properly. Going to check right now. This is definitely a nice one!! Think I can do it with custom and listfunction. Work out where I am (this portal carries no more than 50 records on average), go one back in the list, get that value and give it to my cond. format friend. Otherwise, there's this solution which I reckon is better than using a custom function. But it's in my head so got to ty it... got to find FM9adv first though Thanks
  8. Thanks for that. Thing is, I'm desperately trying to keep my fields and relationships to a minimum, like most of us I assume. This issue is for the sake of beauty. I want it to look like a summary. If I had FM9 adv I reckon I could solve it with a custom function. We'll see
  9. Need to do it without adding relationships or fields.
  10. This should be simple but I can't find it: this is what I want: if the value of a field in a portal row (eg. project) is the same as in the previous portalrow then don't display it (using conditional format). Ok how do I grab the previous value? Pref. without adding fields and stuff, just want to solve it in cond. form.
  11. TextFont ( text ; fontName ) The font Helvetica Neue is what I need to use, now the strange thing.. the Black Condensed and the Bold Condensed still work. The others don't. The used to but they don't any more. Who knows why and what should I try. Have de-and re-installed. Using Fontbook. Obviously using Mac and FM8 Adv.
  12. Yep small company. What is tail recursion?
  13. The misunderstanding is that I don't really need the summary to be 'live' updated. Use it mainly for reports. Just changing (any) layouts didn't (always) do the trick. That's where the confusion started. Bottom line is that I need to hit the lines table for the summary to be updated. Right? Thanks for replies. The custom function solution is very nice btw.
  14. The problem is this: the summary field (total of all records) doesn’t update because the calc field (total of this record) is unstored. Obviously I need the sum field to be updated the moment the calc field is updated. summaryofcalcfield.fp7.zip
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