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  1. Hello, This is likely a very easy remedy to this but it escapes me at this time. I have a value list configured as a radio button selection- has two choices - either "no issues" (default value) or "issues". What I'm looking to setup is a script that would open up a popover if the user selects the "issues" radio button. Any quick thoughts? Jack
  2. Hello Comment, Apologies for the delayed response- thanks for your input. I'll explore your suggestion and see if I can make it work. Jack
  3. Hello, This question likely spans multiple discussion areas (finding/calculations/script) but I thought this would be the place to start (mods, please move if appropriate). First issue, I'm attempting to extract some data from a text string in a field. The initial field which contains the text strings is a value list; the value list contains 3 choices: "x is your vacation time", "y is your vacation time", "indefinite". The user chooses the appropriate value. I'd like to have a function/calculation to determine if the value list field choice contains either "x" , "y"
  4. Hello Comment, This an interim measure that I am hoping to implement quickly until i can migrate some more tables etc. from my original file into a new version (iphone/Ipad compatible). Once I recreate the other tables from the original file into the new version, a calculation will replace this temporary script & generate the required information that would go into the "summary" field. FYI, the target field "summary" is in the same table and on the same layout (invoice details). Thanks for pointing out the idea to check to see if the target field is empty- trying something along
  5. Hello, I've encountered a problem that I need assistance resolving. Background info: using FM starter invoice solution both on the desktop FM and FM Go for the ipad. I have the invoice details set up so that whatever is entered into the "item" field on the first line item of the portal is copied over to another field ("summary") by means of a script (go to portal row (first), set field). The issue arises when an invoice is created on the invoice detail on the Ipad- this layout only shows the most recent line item entered on the display no matter how many line items have been entered
  6. Thank you ladies! Duplicating the same anchor as the "tax dollar" amount field resolved the issue. Jack
  7. Bcooney, Your suggestion was not entirely successful; while there was some anchors in place, once removed, the field is now located in the lower portion (as per attached picture) and not in the desired position. Any other thoughts? Thanks again. Jack P.S. apparently I need to proofread my posts with more diligence- my spelling in the subject line is absolutely atrocious =)
  8. Hello, Currently customizing a FM 14 invoice starter solution; I've added a new field "service fee" to the invoice details layout- when FM is in layout mode it shows properly aligned i.e. where I want it. However, when switched to browse mode it does not (shows to the very left of the "service fee" field label- you can see the tail end of data entry in the field "00" on the very left.. I've tried moving the field to reflect properly when in browse mode to no avail. Any thoughts on what might be causing this odd behaviour? Please see attached. TIA. Jack
  9. Comment, Sorry for the delay in responding- life has a way of getting in the way. Your suggestion works wonderfully ... and no I do not recall how I ended up with that particular number representing # of secs in a week- either late in the evening or not enough caffeine. Thanks again for sharing your expertise with the community. Jack
  10. Comment, FYI, your second suggestion also yielded the response I was looking for. Would it be safe to assume months and weeks would be calculated similiarly i.e. weeks= Div ( Elapsed Time ; 11342.8571 ) & " weeks" , Div ( Elapsed Time ; 86400 ) & " days, " & Mod ( Elapsed Time ; 86400 ) / 3600 & " hours" where 11342.8571 represents a week in seconds or might it entail a somewhat different calculation? Jack My previous post referenced the wrong info... it should have indicated as above.
  11. Comment, First problem solved- emabarassed ot say that the cause of my frustration was that time fields I had added were configured as text fields rather than time fields. My bad for not picking this up this basic error before posting. Now on to the second issue -the seconds to dd:hh output. I'll report on how I make out with that. Jack
  12. Hello Comment! Thank you for your prompt answers to the questions I posed- your methodology in determining the elapsed seconds does work however how i'm confused-looking at the date field, how would one convert the date inputed into the rental start field, for example, into the proper format i.e. how would a random date entered into the rental start date by the end user, 1/22/15, be converted into this format Date ( 1 ; 22 ; 2015 ). Another thought- could the start date/time & end date/time be converted to timestamps and then subtract the start date timestamp from the end date time
  13. Hello, Â Puzzled on why the result is not what I was expecting on date/time calculation. 4 fields: start date, end date, start date, start time... the following calculation (per FM website) Â "((Rental_Date_End - Rental_Date_Start)*86400) + Rental_End_Time - Rental_Start_Time" Â should return 90000 (calc. result is configured as number presently) which equates to 86400 seconds in a day + 3600 secondsin an hour. Â My result is 86500. (see attached). Â Is there a gotcha that I'm overlooking? Also, if there is an issue, once corrected, how would one turn the seconds into a "x days
  14. Jbante & Comment,  Thank you both for your input. Comment, I'm sorry to say that you have completely lost me; would a sample file with your ideas (or more information) be asking to much so that I can grasp what you suggesting?  I have another issue- this may sound odd-is it possible to have an invoice with 2 portals sourcing data from 2 different line items table? The individual who performs data entry has a set workflow that she likes- it encompasses having a parts portal on the left hand side for selecting appropriate part numbers etc. and another portal for adding the associat
  15. Jbante, Thanks for your response- your alternative idea is just what I had hoped for. I often find that there is more than 1 way to tackle a problem in FM. Now the challenge is to determine which method is easiest to implement. =) Jack
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