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  1. Hello - I am using Filemaker pro 9 - is there a way to perform find for an empty container ? Thanks
  2. Hello - I am using FM 9. I have created a Title header and header, but when previewing or printing, the title header does not print at all, - the header, body, and footer prints on all pages, including the first- I am printing in table view - when going to list view it does print- -any suggestions on how to print table view with title header? Thanks.
  3. Hello - I have set up a script to insert text into a field which was working fine and all of sudden has stopped working. I deleted the script in case something was corrupted and re-created, but function is still not working. Anyone have similar problem? Thanks
  4. Hello - is it possible to place a button ( with script) in a table view? Thank you - Alon
  5. Hi - we are a b to b company, my salesmen need to select ( with check box) records and then fax off a list of the selected records. My problem is that when one user selects records, it is selected for all users. So if I select 10 records to fax my customer, meanwhile another user selects 5 other records, if i go to print/fax i will end up with my 10, and his 5. We have 10 users and using filemaker 9. Thanks
  6. Hi- is there a way to hide a window from view. e.g. my salesman need access only to 2 windows, but there ae 7-8 available when clicking on 'window' menu. I would like for them to see only the 2 main files. thanks Alonzo
  7. I just upgraded to Filemaker Pro 9. When moving fields in layout mode, there is a noticeble delay and lag time when dragging and dropping, making it very difficult to place fileds accurately in their place. My computer is not running slow in other prgrams, including older version of Filemaker which is working perfectly in Layout mode. Any ideas?
  8. Hi - I am creating a marketing schedule with 5-6 events per month. I am trying to print each month's event under the month's name, i.e. January header will print, then all january events, then February header, and so on. Thank you
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