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  1. Everything is working Great! Thank You for all your help. In the scroll bar menu how can you make the "check" visible when you click in the check box? MV
  2. Great! Thank You so much for you help. I was able to change the attribute. is their a way i can import the fm file to my orignal file and still keep all my info. MV
  3. How can I change the Attribute "Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta....." to "Hospital, Clinic, Urgent Care....."
  4. Hello, This is a very helpful file for a project i am currently working on. The file is called "Scroll Checkbox.fp7" posted on 06/15/09. Can anybody help me on how can I change the Attribute IDs. Thank You in advance.
  5. got it to work i change the + sign to a & "*" & Left( Substitute( Job Type & Job Number , "-" , "" ) , 8 ) & "*" thank you again for all your help!
  6. AWESOME! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOU HELP TODAY! Now...that we got our purchase order # to work. We would also like our job#. For example our job number has to 2 fields 1st field are letters: P, C, X, M, CR 2nd field are numbers: 12345 (5 digits) for Example our job # are C40354 we would like to create a barcode indicating C40354 this is what i have for the calculation but i got the 2nd fields not teh 1st field which are the letters. [color:red]"*" & Left( Substitute( Job Type + Job Number , "-" , "" ) , 8 ) & "*" Also the 1st field for Job Type is a drop down option
  8. GREAT! THANK YOU NOW IT WORKS But I did forget to mention that we would like to remove the last digit. For example our original PO# 01-556792-1 and we would like the barcode to read "01556792" ONLY remove both dashes adn the last digit after the second dash. This is also in FM 6.0
  9. Thank you for the fast respond but this is the message i get when i copied and paste the code. see attached file!
  10. I would like to add 3 different accounts with different priviledge. I their a way to get a report of which account did what? for example: let say their are 3 account: A, B & C. A modified a record and B change art cost and C invoice the job. I would like to show a record indicate what each account did? Because alot of issue we are having is people delete files or modifying files and no-one seems to know what going on?
  11. I'm trying to set up a barcode using barcode 3/9 fonts. I would like my calculation to read from my purchase order number. for example: my purchase order number is 01-556792 and i would like my barcode to read 01556792 without dash. Also in order to create a field using my purchase order number field i need to an asterick "*" before and after the number to make the scanner work! the error i get is "A number, text constant, field name, or "(" is expected here."
  12. I would like to know if their was a way to save a record in PDf ...BUT... I like the PDF name to be a field name i currently have. For example: my field for invoice # is A2500 and I would like write a script to save my record as a PDF with the file name A2500.pdf Any help! Maiton Vang
  13. Hello, The sample was upload on 03/13/07. The transpose also did not work. What I am looking for is to have those 4 rows(jpg sample) exactly how it look like ton the jpg sample to be import into 1 record only instead of creating 4 different records.
  14. Any help from everyone...i still need help..i would like all the info on the excel file except for the first row which is my header to be imported as 1 record instead of 5 separate record. I also attached the importtest.fp file whic show the 5 records when i import.
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