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  1. So there may be a very simple fix to this question, but I seem to be overlooking something. As you can see below, I have a very simple report. It consists of a leading grand summary with title and date range. Its main contents are a sub summary that takes all the records in a found set and catagorizes those records based on any promotions that were given. It also has a trailing grand summary that totals all of the record amounts for loads, yards and promotions given. The last column represents a ratio of promotial $'s given per yard. The question I have is in regards to the final column
  2. Thanks John for your help that method worked well enough to use. I appreciate your help! Randy
  3. Thanks for all of your help so far.. I think I might understand better the concept but im still a little lost. In response to kevin, your on the right track with your example but instead of counting the unique values, I want to count the number of times each value is reported, for example there where 3 1's in the found set and 3 2's. So on my report I want to add a field (or two?) that will report how many ones are in found in the report and how many two's. To be truly honest, 1 and 2 are just exampes. The field in every record just has one of two words within: import and export. Beca
  4. Well I am new to file maker forums, but it looks like a great place to solve a problem or two I want to know if there is a summary that will summarize the contents of one field similar to the count function, but based on the value of the field. As fas as I am aware, the count field in the summary will only summarize the total number of repititions. What if there are only two values in a particular field; 1 and 2. How could I count a total number of occurances for each field entry? Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. I am designing a few reports and I am not sure how to to proceed, im not sure if a calculation or a summary function would be appropriate? The report searches through multiple records (via a search) and pulls the ones that meet certain criteria based on a master table. I have used the summary function to count how many actuall records where found in the search and it prints the number on the report. I am curious as to how I can count how many records of the search are present that also contain a specific value in a seperate field of the primary table. I would like to print that numbe
  6. I have a form in my database that is used to gather quite a bit of information. If I wanted to create a script that would check key fields that might have been left blank during the data entry process, what would be the best way of going about it? Thanks for your help!
  7. Hey thanks for the help. Here is my problem... I currently am running an invoice management system that allows invoices to be logged and reported. In my particular business its not uncommon to log 20 invoices per week to the same customer. Now during the momement of purchase a copy of the invoice is printed for the customer, but he will be sent weekly statements that sum up the weeks worth of purchases so he can pay them all at once. My thoughts were to copy the date, cust name, and product price and description to a second table so that I can pull the information to put into my statement
  8. Well I thought that a simple yes or no answer would have sufficed, but maybe that response isn't feasible.. It might be that I just wasn't able to read through your broken English... Thanks for the reply but I was looking for a reply that was more educational and less user experience bias.
  9. Is there a simple way to tell file maker to copy selected fields in one table to selected fields of a second table? How should the relationship be set up between the two tables? I want the fields to be identical for both tables for each record created! Thanks in advance for your help!
  10. Anyone else with thoughts or help feel free to post! I need it! Thanks
  11. Well I would love it if the system would automatically print invoices for all cust based on Materials tickets that have not been paid for by cc, cash, check. In other words all invoices that were marked Customer Acct in the terms feild. I this all sounds a little more difficult than I thought, maybe im in over my head on this one! I thought I was ok up to this point.. Thanks so much for taking the time!
  12. Ok I understand where you are coming from I will redesign the database with a statement table and a materials list table, but how do we tell filemaker to pull all of the records for a given company in a given week? I asume that is what a script is written for correct. Essencially that is the greater question in my mind at this point. Thanks for all of your help!
  13. Ok I completly understand why a statement table would be benifical but Im not sure how or why it would help to make a table for the line items. What are your thoughts how would you design this? I have already made a Statement forum that will be used as a template and I was thinking of writing a script to write to the forum. I have included a newer file, what do you think? seattledirt2.zip
  14. Well as the title explains I am new with Filemakerforum.com and from what I can see I am excited to get started here! Who know maybe soon I will be capable of answering a few questions as well! Anyway to the question! I am currently designing a database which in all effect is an invoice system that has several related database which the invoice page pulls from, mainly customer information, job site info, product info and trucking comp info(the database will be used to manage material hauling). I would like to bill my customers weekly for all of the invoices that they accumulate t
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