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  1. I'm sure that this has been covered but I have looked through the forum and haven't had any luck finding this exact situation explained so bare with me. I have three tables: * COUNTRIES * STATES * DISTRICTS The COUNTRIES tables has an auto serial # as well as a Country field The STATES tables has a auto serial # as well as a drop down list field for COUNTRIES and a State field The DISTRICTS table has a auto serial # as well as a drop down box for Country and a drop down box that sorts the STATES data based on COUNTRY chosen and then has a District field. I am good o
  2. I have created a script that pops up a custom dialog box warning the user that they are about to be logged out due to being idle beyond allotted time. I have set up a Install OnTimer script that initiates the custom dialog box warning and if the user hits OK then it resets the Install OnTimer Script and they have bought more time. The problem I'm having is that if the user doesn't hit the OK button and is idle too long the script is paused indefinitely and I can't close the dialog box and thus log-out the user. How might I get around this?
  3. Don't know why but deleting the fields and reinserting them fixed the issue. Who'd a thunk. Oh well, problem solved.
  4. If you mean selecting "Field Control" in the contextual menu and then "Behavior" and then selecting the "Allow field to be entered: In Browse Mode" check box, then the answer is Yes. If this is not what you meant then please do explain. I have looked everywhere to no avail for an answer to this.
  5. I have a DB posted using IWP and for some reason I can't edit the records. When I click on the edit icon in the status bar to the left and switch to edit mode I can select a few fields but not all of them. Whats up? I have various drop down menus and radio buttons and I can't edit any of them. There are some text fields that are editable and some that are not.
  6. I have a database that shows employees and their managers as well as a table that shows accounts and who started the account(or who it belongs to). On the employee's table there are two portals that display all employees that employee manages as well as a portal to display all accounts that belong to them. I have figured out (with the help of this site) how to toggle the displayed data in the portal from just the info related to the current employee record or to display all of the managers and accounts that are in there immediate down-line. What I would like to do is be able to t
  7. I know of this option but is there no other way?
  8. I have a DB that has a button on a layout that enables the user to lock/unlock a record. I am executing this by having the button change a field call "lock" from 1 to 0 and in custom privileges the user is locked out if the field contains "0." The problem is that I have portals on the same layout and I'm unable to lock them out. How might I go about this? I know that I could lock these fields from the custom privileges but I would also like to be able to lock these fields on their own layout as well.
  9. I wanted to know if there is a way to create a custom dialog box that displays instead of the "Your access privileges do not allow you to perform the action"?
  10. Efen...thanks so very much!!! One more question: Is there a way to add a custom dialog when the end user tries to input on a field that access has not been granted?
  11. I have created a DB with a button on it that changes the state of a field (lock) from 1 to 0 (1 being default). In Custom Record Privileges I set up the edit column to be "limited" so that whenever the field (lock) is not 0 the record is editable. All of this works but where the issue lies is that when I click the button and it changes the field (lock) from 1 to 0 and so forth the access to the record is not immediately changed until I click somewhere else on the layout. Is there a setting that will correct this behavior?
  12. Could you please explain for my why I can't get this example (LockFields.fp7) to work it the global fields aren't present on the LockFields layout? Thanks so much
  13. I have created a DB to record employees and their managers as well as accounts that each employee has opened. I have the relationships in place that will allow for two portals on each employee's record to show the accounts that they started(and are linked to) as well as all the employees that they manage (have them listed as their manager). What I would like to be able to do is have a radio button option to select whether the portal shows all accounts that the employee opened or all accounts that they opened and all that the employees they manage opened. I would also like this option for the
  14. You are the man Bruce. Thanks so very much!!!
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