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  1. Hi all, I have a question where I can't seem to find a proper solution. I have my fields: product item, quantity quoted, quantity worked. Now these product items can be selected by the employee on a per project basis. This works fine, however where there are multiple of the same product item and I link it to the selected item number, the quantity quoted will be correct, but the quantity worked will be the same number per line item. I hope this is not to confusing. So what I want to do is the following: - if a product item already exists in the portal (duplicate of the same
  2. Hi all, I currently have a structure for my employees that allows them to punch in and out, multiple times a day. This table is called Employees InOut, now I'm trying to filter this portal by month (2 for February), this works fine, however, it shows: 02/01/2010 02/01/2010 02/01/2010 02/02/2010 Meaning some dates are showing multiple times (because they punched in multiple times that day). Now I really just want to show each date once. How would I be able to do this?
  3. Hi, I've been trying to get this to work now with no luck so far. I have a contacts File where I have a text field called "AccessLevel", here can be entered: "All, BOD, Management, Sales, Production, …" Now I want to be able to e.g. Get (PrivilegeSetName) = fmuser to only see "All", but I can't seem to set up the correct relationship/filter for this?
  4. I currently have a big text field that I fill with a script. When I change the text box on the layout, it can be that one line will jump over and split into 2 (if over 70+ characters), now I would like to find out in exactly how many lines it is split. I could say if it's higher than 70 characters: 2, higher than 140: 3, … but this is not very foolproof as it could depend on the words used in the text (breaking at a "space"). Is there any foolproof way that I could use for this calculation?
  5. Hm I doubt it, if I just display the layout, it looks good. If on the Mac, I print the layout and then choose "save as PDF", there is no problem either. The problem only occurs when saving directly from FM. Any other ideas? Robin
  6. When I select "save records as PDF", the € symbols in my text fields won't export correctly (see the attachment). Are there any workarounds for this (charset change, …)?
  7. Yes, I finally got it all to work now. Took me some time but thanks to your help it finally works. Thanks a bunch.
  8. Thanks, mfero's one seems to work well. I like calculation fields better to be honest, there are still some people in the office using 8.5. I have one other question. If I have a calculation field that is filled with price IDs (13, 15, 3032, 3504), is it possible to have another relationship with a table that can give names to this, so that I can have a value list with the first column being the ID and the second value the actual name of the corresponding price item?
  9. I have a value list called "Pricelist". I have a popup showing the value list so that I can select an item. Now I want a script trigger that after someone selects a current category, only the items from this category will be displayed. If I go into the value list editor, I can select "show only related items, …) and this works fine but of course I want to do this in a script step, so that when there is no category selected, it will display all items (if I do this now, it won't display anything based on the relationship).
  10. I currently have 2 files: Projects and Quotes. In quotes I can add line items, which are based on value lists, if I select from this value list, the field called "cat_a" will fill itself with the number (e.g. 5), see here: http://robin.saestudent.com/Quotes.png When I select 5, next to it, it will also show the second value from the value list (or the name of the item). Now in Project, I have a relationship to Quotes so I can link to the quote as well and adjust it. However, when I import my value lists from the quotes files, and I select it in the portal, it will look like this: htt
  11. Exactly, that's the problem. I didn't know that. Because I'm going to a certain field in the previous tab, it will try to stay there. Is there a way to check which tab is being clicked in the script?
  12. Hm that's weird, I did update my version on the forum to FM 10, but I'll try to do that again then.
  13. I currently have 3 tabs: Contacts, Quotes, Tasks and when I put a script trigger on Quotes and I put it on OnObjectModify, everything I hit another tab, it will start spinning and crash, as if it's in an internal look. If I just run the script, everything is fine, the script looks like this: Go to Field [invoice Total] Go to Portal Row [select;Find] Loop Set Field [sales Orders;...] Go to Portal Row [Next; Exit after last] End Loop Go to Field [select/perform;Address_Street] I don't see anything wrong here, any reason why this would get into a continuing loop?
  14. I have a pricelist that is divided into category: 1 Audio 1.1 Editing 1.2 Recording 1.2.1 Engineer for Recording 1.2.2 Studio for Recording … Now I'm creating a quote where the user can select each sublevel, e.g. he can select 2 different items under 1.2.2 called and (these are examples). Now I want to create a simpler view (for the printing), I'd like to only show a header (if there is an item selected inside this subcategory): is selected, so I would want to show 1 Audio 1.2 Recording 1.2.2 Studio for Recording and then the line i
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