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  1. Here is a quick one - you need to double check it as it's late here and my maths is a bit slow! use "s" as the parameter passed to it - must be numeric. The highest value we can convert to is a Week (as we know how many secs are in a week!) --------- Let ( [ w= Int (s/ 604800) ; r=Mod ( s; 604800) ; d= Int (r/ 86400 ); r=Mod ( r;86400) ; h= Int (r/3600); r=Mod (r;3600) ; m=Int (r/60); s=Mod (r ; 60) ] ; w & " Weeks " & d & " Days " & h & " Hours " & m & " Minutes " & s & " Seconds" ) ---------------------
  2. You can't convert such a value to years and months as these have a different value depending on the year or months used.
  3. I may be wrong but the FM Server scheduled script only works with web compatible script steps. The Send Mail is not compatible. You will have to use a plugin.
  4. Kiwi

    XSL Linefeeds

    Hi - sorry forgot to point out that this is to run on a windows platform. I have just tried it on a MAC and it works fine. On a PC it does not.
  5. Kiwi

    XSL Linefeeds

    Thanks for the reply Beverly. However the Translate function is working fine. The problem is not in the charaters I am taking out of the data, it is in the CRLF I am trying to put in. The $crlf variable does not output a simple crlf sequence. cheers!
  6. Try setting the script parameter for the button to something like let($$i=$$i+1 ; "") Make sure the button has current script = Exit script. Within your script test for $$i = 1 or >1. Don't forget to set variable $$i back to zero somewhere in the script!
  7. I have an Invoice Items table that requires a Line Item field. It is a summary field that is used when the table is sorted by invoice number. Very simple - it numbers the item records from 1 to x where x is the last item within each invoice. The table also contains a calculation field that is equal to the summary field. The summary field and the calculation field work great in the data file. In the interface file - the summary field is correct - but the calculation is not!!! Here is a test db I made to duplicate this special feature. The tables need to be sorted by Invoice Number.
  8. Kiwi

    XSL Linefeeds

    I have an XSL sheet for creating CSV data files. It strips any extra return characters and commas from the data and creates the CSV without having quotes around all the data. The trouble is I need to have carriage return+line feed as the EOL char. For some reason I am getting two carriage returns + line feed. Please see attached CSL file. Any help greatly appreciated! data.xsl.zip
  9. The server schedule can only run Web Compatible script steps - and Export is not one of them! Sad but true! To get around it you can use the operating systems schedule to open a FM file that will perform your script and then exit application. This will require a copy of FM on the server.
  10. You will need to Go to layout Enter Find Mode (no pause - no specify) Set field 'number' to "<" & $variable Perform Find cheers
  11. Have a read of http://www.filemaker.com/help/Non-TOC%20Topics3.html It should do the trick. cheers :
  12. Check this page http://www-1.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21223839 cheers.
  13. Yes the problem is that I am using FM as the data source. I have a Linked Server setup in MSSQL that reads the data from Filemaker (or should read!). I think the problem lies in SQL as I can read the FM data using the same ODBC connection from other applications such as Access and Excel. I should post a message on a MS SQL forum but fear the people using that wouldn't have heard of Filemaker and would think I was making the whole thing up! Thanks for the help. John
  14. HI Koen Thanks for that... but the sequelink odbc driver IS the one that Filemaker supply with filemaker. It's in the xDBC folder on the CD. Cheers John
  15. I am trying to link from MSSQL to Filemaker 9 via ODBC (Sequelink 5.5). When doing a Select query from MSSQL I can only select fields that contain numeric characters. When I select a text field I get the error 'Requested conversion is not supoorted'. The ODBC setup works outside of MSSQL (I can import all data into msquery) so I don't think the fault is in ODBC. Any help appreciated! Cheers
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