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  1. I'm wondering if any of you fine folks have used www.batchgeo.com to make maps of customers. It's looks great, but I'm trying to cut out the manual steps on cutting and pasting it to the website. Any suggestion?
  2. Ok, I'll do my best to explain. I have a web page (form) that i've make viewable in a my FM database via webviwer layout. What I want to do is be able to create a few buttons in FM that will allow me, after clicking into a form field "paste" text into the field on the web page that I've linked to the button. Can this be done? I can do it within the FM layout into FM fields, but can I do it into a form on a webpage in webviewer? If I can, I can't figure it out.
  3. Thanks, I figured it out.. Thanks both of you.
  4. Thanks, but I guess I need to explain. I have a look up field that pulls height in inches (like 72) from another table field and when FM performs the look up I want the field to display (6' 0")
  5. What calculation would I need to convert inches into feet & Inches in a field? Like 24 to 2” 0”
  6. I have a need to lock a text field after text is added by the user, so that it can not be modified by anyone. Do I need a script to do this. What would be best is when the user clicks out of the field it is saved and can not be modified. Any advice?
  7. I have a form (layout) that has 10 fields that contain good and bad text information. I flag the bad information on each page with a conditional setting (changing it's color) and wish to have another layout/report that I can transfer only the "flagged" (bad) information to it. When we have filled out all 10 fields, I then create a PDF of the layout, delete the information and start using the form again. But I wish to have a "running record" of all the bad things, so when I need to submit it for review, I have all them on one report and don't have to dig through the PDF's.
  8. Ok, I have a layout with data. It was 10 fields for text input. I have a check mark next to each field to change the color of the field when there is something that I need to be warned about. I would like to create a summary page that will only list the fields that I have set the conditionals (check marks) for. What would be the best way to do this? Portals would show all of them. I only want the ones that I've marked. Thanks.
  9. I'm working on a simple conditional formating for a field, but I'm having a brain freeze. I have a field called DUEDATE. I want it to be red when it's at or past the due date. I've got that part with the "self get (current date) format. But, I have a field called APPROVALDATE. I want the DUEDATE field to return to white when "any" date is put into the APPROVALDATE field. What is the conditional format for that? I'm new and stuck. Thanks.
  10. Ok, I'm sorry if this is a stupid question. I have a FM 8.5 database that I would like to import images from the web usig the web viewer. I’ve been trying to import the image from the following website: http://test.azcorrections.gov/isearch/inmate_datasearch/picture_handler.aspx?img=207904&searchtype=SearchInet The 207904 number comes from my database field of “Contacts::ADC Number: So I’ve tried to pull the image with the following URL. "http://test.azcorrections.gov/isearch/inmate_datasearch/picture_handler.aspx?img=" & Contacts::ADC Number &"&
  11. Thanks for your observation. I have it fixed. Thanks.
  12. Thanks, but for some reason I can't get the script to just limit it to the date range. This is the script that I have: - Go to layout["CSBD"(Contacts] - Enter Find Mode [pause] - Show custom Dialog["enter dates";"enter dates in this format 1/1/2007...1/31/2007"; Contacts::CSBD] - sort records [restore;No dialog] - enter preview Mode [pause] - enter browse mode [] - go to layout [original layout] The script runs but gives all records not the ones requested in the custom dialog. Any clues as to what I'm doing wrong..
  13. Hello, I want to create a report that takes a date and sorts it by a range (like 3/1/2007...3/31/2007) and sort it. Sounds easy, but I want it to prompt the user for the date range. (popup window) Is this possible. I'm trying to create a one click and click OK, then it creates the report. I can't figure out how to script this? Any help..
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