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  1. you must have calculation fields, this is an example of where you show the name of your hardware, in the field name you put this calculation: Case(YourDropDownField = "computer"; FieldComputerName; Case(YourDropDownField = "router"; FieldRouterName)) Hope you find this useful!
  2. I have a white stripe in the top of the page when I open my db with iwp. does anybody know why this happens? thanks in advance
  3. I have a doubt..is there any way for me to export to excel with iwp? I know i can't with filemaker because it doesn't have web compatibility, but is there any plugin i can use? Or is it possible to export to another format? I've been looking everywhere, but i can't find a solution. would really appreciate some help, thanks!
  4. Is there any way to export to excel then? maybe a plugin or something?
  5. ohh stupid question..never mind. I found it out, you have to press with the right mouse button on the body tab. thanks anyway
  6. Hello! I'm woundering if it's possible to change tha color of the Body part? I've tried to find a way to do it, but i didn't find anything =/ Thanks!
  7. You can make a script to perform find YourTable::Created_By[*], and in File>File Options put to perform that script "When opening this file". This will only show the cuurent users records. Carlos B.
  8. Can somebody please help me with this? I've tried everything, but nothing seems to work. =/
  9. you can always use a auto-enter field that stores the user's name/date on modification of that record
  10. Hello! I'm having a problem, I have a button to export to excel in my layout, and it works perfectly when i open with FM, but when I open it with a browser via web publishing it doesn't work! Does anybody know why this happens? Thanks in advance
  11. thanks a lot for you answer, ik changed it now and it work perfectly :(
  12. Hello, I have i doubt, probably a very simple one but i couldn't find any post that helped me. I have a global field called sum_min which is supposed to sum the value (minutes) of a field of all records. I'm using this calculation to do this: sum_min = sum_min + minutes. The problem is that whenever i change the value in the minute field, it adds the sum of all the minutes field on the value in the sum_min, so if i have 20 min in the sum_min, and i add 1 minute in the minutes field,the sum_min will now be 41 and not 21. I could fix this by setting sum_min to 0 before the calculation
  13. Hey! Does anybody know why I can't export to excel when I open my database via browser? Thanks in advance
  14. eheh it worked now! Thanks a lot for your help, I really appreciate it!
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