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  1. It works fine in FM9 - but I didn't really doubt that. I'll see if there are any IWP patches for FM7SA and get back to you.
  2. Well, I can move the fields to the same layout, but it's not the best fix. As for the scripting, I have made it so it goes to that specific layout. The problem arises when you move to ANY layout but the current one via a script step. You can move layouts via the FM inspector (the left side panel), but I would like to close this off to web users as it allows them more options than I would like. Is this a known limitation on version 7?
  3. I searched and found the following thread reporting a bug I am seeing in FM Server 7 Advanced IWP. http://fmforums.com/forum/showpost.php?post/115665/ It's from a while ago, and the thread did not get a resolution to the problem. The behavior is this: User in IWP enters find mode (either via the sidebar Find button or by a user defined Find script button). Find mode is entered without issue but the user wants to enter criteria in another layout and uses a button in the layout programmed only with a Go To Layout step. The new layout loads but the fields do not show as active in t
  4. Sorry it took a while to get back to you, I have been doing some testing. In your solution, does this mean I have to populate the global by triggering a script, or is there a way to make a lookup or something else auto-enter the data?
  5. I have 2 main tables, Pages and Services, with a Line Items link table that allows me to assign multiple Services to any number of pages. I have a Qty (number) field in Line Items. I also have a Tasks table, whose records are created from a portal in Services, which also have a Qty field. I want to show a portal from Pages that shows all related Tasks (which I have done) but also contain a calculation of Line Items::Qty * Tasks::Qty. The logic is that each page is assigned numerous services which are each made up of a number of tasks. A page can contain one or more of each service. T
  6. Sorry I haven't replied quicker. I've been busy at work. I will post a reply once I get chance to check your file tomorrow.
  7. Comment, I realized from what you were saying that my original concern that I was over-complicating things was correct. As you say, the relationship must already exist, if the List function works. As it happens, I had built a TOG with Pages linked to services, and then had a separate Table Occurrence of Tasks which I was trying to link directly to Pages rather than via the Services TO. I should have seen that sooner, but I guess I was getting a little tunnel vision. So I have made the relationship work, without using the calc as the match field. Still, it should have worked, even if I
  8. The Cascade example is great. Thanks very much for doing that. I noticed that you use join tables instead of relating each table directly, something I have not done before (unless you count a Line Items table). What are the advantages of this? As far as the original issue, I am no further to finding a workaround, though I did some more testing. Seems that if I base the relationship between Pages and Tasks on any calculation involving one result (e.g. just the basic Services~Pages::Related Service which shows the first result of this relationship only - no list)the relationship is succ
  9. Thanks for the fast responses, guys. I realize I'm not describing things so well, though bcooney, you are correct in your assessment of how I have this set up, other than the global field storing the active portal record key. I have never found a way to do this, so if you can tell me what the calculation of the global field needs to be that would help my interface immensely. I have tried to do this in the past and was unsuccessful. Presently, the user switches between pages using a value list of related page IDs. The only other difference to how you describe things is that I want the
  10. Sorry if I'm not picking up your meaning, I'm not as competent with Filemaker as I would like to be. I already have a join between services and tasks by a standard one-to-many key join. Perhaps it is easier to explain what I want to do. I have users assigning services to pages through a portal. Since services are made up of one or more tasks, I'd like to see the associated tasks for all services listed in the portal below. In the interface, I have the users viewing from a grandparent table layout (Ticket). I use a drop down list of related pages to switch between pages of the ticket.
  11. I have a db where I completed the initial build in FM9 Advanced. I have to publish it on FM7 Server Advanced (which is not ideal, but I don't have any other option) and had set up a portal based on a relationship with a match field to a list function calculation (which lists multiple keys so I can have a many to many relationship). This works well in FM9, but though the List function still works on FM7 Server, the relationship fails. Is there an alternate FM7-friendly solution? To go into more detail, I have three related tables, Pages (parent), Services (child) and Tasks(g-child). Ea
  12. I have the following calculation to express a percentage in a cross-tab report: GetSummary ( Crosstab value Summary ; Breakfield ) / GetSummary ( Total values Summary ; Breakfield ) I have had to use a calculation to express the summary because using a fraction summary field does not work when the numerator of the fraction is a crosstab result and the denominator is a subtotal (unless someone here knows better). The problem is that often the Total Values Summary will equal 0 when sorted by the Breakfield and this gives me a calc error (I get a ? result). I did this to solve the
  13. Never mind. It looks like the colon ( in my table occurrence name was causing the error. Strange that no other relationships were affected.
  14. I am doing that. The Layout is displaying data from Line Items: List. I have made sure the merge fields are from that table occurrence also. It does not work. The only way it works is if I put the merge field in a layout displaying data from the original table occurrence.
  15. I am trying to have merge fields display correctly on a layout. I can get it to work on layouts that are set to display data from the original table occurrence (the one that was created when I initially created the table), but when I try to get them to display on a different table occurrence (in a different TOG), it just displays thus: <>. I am careful when setting up the merge field that I select from the same table occurrence that the layout is displaying data from but it will not display. Is this a limitation of the application? I can't find anything in the Help files to confi
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