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  1. I tried the import replace thing on a Layout from the green "Reproduccion" Table... the import part goes Ok but the replace script just doesn't work. Then I tried creating a new layout based on the red TO which is a duplicate of the "reproduccion" green one. When I import the records to the red one, all the imported data appears on the layout based on the green "reproduccion" one and the info coming from the green Caballos appears on the Red One... With this mix up I don't even get the chance to run the replace script.
  2. Still doesn't work.... There must be an easier way to match the imported excel names to the names contained in: "CaballosIDs_Nombre value list" which uses values from first field _pk caballosID and displays values from seconf field: Nombre in table Caballos. If you get tired of my lack of experience or anything feel free to tell me... Sorry
  3. I send you the screen shots for the relationship tables and the script... I colored the tables we're actually dealing with to make it a little easier for you since the information in them is in spanish. Â Â
  4. Looks like i'm to much of a begginer, been trying for hour and can't manage to work it out! AGGGGG!! I'll tell you what I did to see if you can help me figure out my mistakes 1. I duplicated the child table and linked my child's TO new field "horse name" directly to the horse name on the PARENT table 2. I imported my records filling the child's TO Name field with the names i had for horses in the excel file 3. I created a script to replace the value for the fkHorseID in the new child TO where i had linked the name fields No replacement takes place....
  5. Already created a horse name field on the child table and created a relationship with the horse name on the parent table...how do I run a replace in the child table to populate the fk field in the child table with the matching pk from the parent table (match based on the name relationship).
  6. Will try... let you know when I do it. Thank you for your time and atention
  7. Unanswered question: The import Items contain horse names which match the names on the parent horse parent table. When imported, the name appears on the field but it won't bring the data that corresponds to the name on the HORSE table. example: Horse Parent Table Fields Text Field NAME: Atomica (Indexed) Text Field __ Pk HORSE ID: 1 (Indexed,Auto-enter Seria, Can't modify Auto) Text Field Repro Status: Doner (Indexed On Parent ) Date Field Date Birth: MArch, 12 2001 Reproduction Child Table Fields Text Field fK HorsesID: Atomica (Indexed) Imported data from excel Text Field R
  8. I missed typed. The kf on the horse ID related table is a simple text index field with no auto-enter serial. It does work when I click on the field, displaying all the values on the velue list for me to select. but as I said before, every time I import my excel info the field is indeed populated with the correct Horse name but it wont bring the info from the parent table. thanks again for your reply
  9. The following attachments will probably make it easier to undertand. Â Thanks again
  10. The relationship is set up with a primary key field using a serial number. the field is set up to display data from Fk Horse ID which is Indexed,Autoenter serial, Cant modiy Auto Control style: Pop Up Menu Values from: Horses ID_Name (this is a value list that uses values from table Horses _pk Horses ID and displays only second field which holds the horses name) I'm not sure if the explanation is very clear please let me know if you undertand what I mean. Thank you very much for your reply!!
  11. Hello Fm experts, I've been trying to import data from an excel file to a related table on my data base for days now. All of the imported data seems to work ok but I cant populate my foreign key field to match the related field on another table. I have a parent table where I keep Horse's general info like age, gender, color etc... The child table keeps reproduccion info for each horse. Every horse has a daily update of the reproductive status where I have info on ovaries, uterus etc. I'm trying to import 6,800 records where I have the daily info on each horse. I have related the Horse
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