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  1. Never mind, user error. I figured it out. To help anyone else with this, I had inadvertently had the width of the screen pulled out too far and when it got to the iPhone, the iPhone wanted to place the entire width view which caused the content to be very tiny. Once I pulled the width of the working area back to the width of the iPhone 5, all was well. The 5K iMac had NOTHING to do with the problem.
  2. Hi Folks, I recently got a new 5K iMac and created a new solution that will mostly be used on the iPhone. When I transferred the solution over to my iPhone (6S) to check it out, IT'S TINY!!!. How can you do this now? is there a setting to blow up the size of the solution so it will end up being the right size on the iPhone? What/how do i do this? Thanks, Gary
  3. I've spent most of the day trying to figure this out so I'm asking for help. I'm trying to make a home budget solution. I've got multiple categories (e.g., food, gas, electricity, etc.) I've got it set up so that when I want to add a record, it's linked to a separate table to enter that subject's date and total spent. Those two fields show up in that category's layout in a Portal from the Payment table. So far so good. What I'm also trying to do is to have a running total of how much has been spent in each category. What I'm getting is the total in all categories. Again, what I'd lik
  4. Alas no, I can't seem to find a way to make this work. Fortunately your code of before should do the trick just fine. Thanks ever so much, you've saved me weeks of work. Garhy
  5. Bwahhahaha! Of course, the replace field content. I didn't think to use that because I've always used that to do global replaces on the full contents of fields. I didn't realize that you can do focused replace as well. Outstanding! Meanwhile, yes I can (and did) do manipulation of the text prior to import, but what's a vertical tab? I'm using Word on a Mac.
  6. Huh? I do not want to remove the carriage returns in the final text, I want to keep them but be able to import them into FM and not have new records created caused by the carriage returns in the body of the text of this last field during the importing process. Currently the text is in a Word file and as such I can easily do global finds & replaces to remove the carriage returns prior to import (and avoid unwanted record creation). However, either I need a mechanism to return the unique character back into a carriage return after import or use some other mechanism to import the text
  7. I have a text file that I need to import into a simple flat database. Fortunately due to the structure of the file, it's very easy to set up tsv for each of the fields. However, the last field will always have text with carriage returns. I do not want those carriage returns slipping to the next record. I tried as a test to convert all carriage returns into the bar character "|" prior to import and then I was hoping that I could convert all "|" into carriage returns by doing a find/replace with ^p, but all that did was to substitute the "^p" with the "|" character, so that didn't work.
  8. Sorry, should have mentioned that I did that. No luck. Thanks, that is a good suggestion for all "strange" behaviors. Alas, like I said, it didn't help. Thanks though, Gary
  9. Not sure when this happened but if any (even new) database that I open, if I try to move a field with the mouse, the field snaps back as if it's on a rubber band. I can move a field by the arrow keys, but not by mouse. If I open any database in FM 10A, no problem, but in FM 11A, no can do. I've tried to delete the preferences but that didn't make a difference (user->Library->Pref->(three different plists)). I'm on X.6.8 now. This is on two different Macs. These objects are not locked and happens with both old databases and newly created ones. Anyone have
  10. Hey, Just wanted to let you know that this did exactly what I wanted it to do. Thanks very much and I learned some great formatting at the same time. This turned out to not be a rotten approach after all. Best and BIG THANKS! Gary
  11. Sorry for the delay in responding. Yes, this seems like a very good contender. I need to see if there's a neat way to have this viewed horizontal, but other than that this could/should be great. Thanks very very much. Gary
  12. Hm, took me a few minutes to find this but I've updated that which seemed necessary. For the record here, I'm on FM 11 Advanced and I'm using Mac OS X.6.7. Sorry, I didn't think to add that before. My bad. Gary Yes, that is one possibility. Another possibility is that there is an answer. I hope someone can help me on this. Thanks though, Gary
  13. Yes, that's easy and I've already done that. But I'm working with some people who want to see a simple "X" for the respective years. The problem with the portal approach is that if you have Joe who's been a member of 2009, 2010, and 2011, and Bill who's been a member for 2008, 2010, and 2011. Both members will display three years in the portal and if you quickly glance you do have to look and see that Bill missed year 2009. If they had "X" for the year, than seeing the anomaly is much easier to spot. Yes, this approach also means that I have to update the layout every year or two. Regard
  14. Boy, I thought this would be easy but the obvious is missing me. I have a two-table database of club members with addresses, member number personal info etc. in the 1st table and the 2nd table has their member number, names, and a field to fill in the years that they've paid. Back in Table 1 I wanted to have a simple list with their names and various years with an "X" showing that they have been members that year. I created a new calc field with the parameter If [Year] = 2011 ; "X" ; "" I created copies of this for 2010, 2009, etc. The problem is I can only get one "X" p
  15. Update. OK, it was in fact working, but not as I expected it to. What it WAS doing was creating a file _IN_ my Draft folder. What I was expecting it to do was to start a new document that would be open. Apparently my email client (MS Entourage) doesn't work in obvious (expected way). I was just about to close Entourage when I noticed a small collection of files in the Drafts folder. This should have been empty. What it (they) were were all of the times I had clicked on the button and created a new document. However, the documents were never opened as a new document, rather just contained
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