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  1. Dear Steven Thanks ever so much for posting those two files that I was able to dissect and use to understand how you'd done your magic. I shall definitely use the 1 point/background colour routine - and it'll make a difference both to the look and feel of the database. I think I had become a bit fixated with using a 'Sold' image as part of the solution - and this led me off barking up all the wrong trees! The usage of the text field is so much simpler - and elegant. Again - many thanks for your guidance. gessie
  2. Hi all, I have a FMP database that tracks artwork for a London gallery - images of various pictures and information about them - all fairly simple and straightforward. One thing I'd like to do, however, is to drop a big red SOLD graphic across all those images of pictures that have been sold - leaving those unsold images just as they are on the main layout. It'll need some sort of script that, say, if the buyer_name field is empty then the image remains as is - but if that field - or another chosen field that means the same thing sale_date or something - is filled then the SOLD sign drops
  3. Dear Steven Success! - a little bit of a roundabout way mind you. I add it here in the hope that someone else might see it and find it useful! Thanks for your explanation - that made a lot of sense - but just to make sure I went to check out running scripts via a relationship in an external file in the FMP knowledge base - and there was an associated entry called "Stopping a Startup Script" which caught my eye. That's exactly what I've been looking for these last two weeks - a way to stop the Startup Script from executing in the first place. It says that if you open a file and then immed
  4. Dear Steven Sorry reality got in the way for a week - my Mother had a fall - so I was very busy. You don't understand - and I'm confused by what it is that you don't understand - so things are going round and round and nothing's moving forward. When you first posted - it seemed as though you thought you had a solution to the problem I set for myself - and you thought it should work. I couldn't get it to work, however, and it's possibly because I wasn't doing exactly what it was that you were suggesting I do (simple lack of familiarity with the routines of making references to other files)
  5. Dear Steven Yes there are - maybe forty or so scripts in total. gessie
  6. Dear Steven, Your admonition is totally justified - another valuable lesson, indeed! My only excuse - and it's poor -is deadline pressure on the last day. I had a backup from the evening before - but by 'several days of work' I mean that I did so much extra work in those final hours - that it will take a few day's of work to find everything I changed and replicate those changes. I've a closing script that does save everything securely when I quit the file; I just trapped myself with this opening script problem - before I closed it down. Thanks for your ploy to try to bypass that script.
  7. I've finally set up an FMP file for public exhibition - having worked on it for a good while. The last thing I wanted to do before signing off on the file was to lock it down so that users viewing the data wouldn't be able to change things - either by mistake or (mis)design - so I changed the Account privilege settings and created a new (User) account which loads automatically with a script when the file is started. Worked a treat, and everything was fine until I noticed a few things that still need tweaking - a link goes to the wrong layout - small things like that. However, the "view Lay
  8. Hi Getting a solution together for completion very soon. I'm in India at present and the internet's very bad - so I can't do too many searches. I've got a lot of movies in my database that are essentially Quicktime files stored in containers. When I want to play a movie, I go to the movie-viewer layout, where I then have to click on the movie field and then hit the play button. I don't really mind - but the solution is to go on public exhibition in a museum where the public will get to play movies - and many of them almost get there.... and then it takes them so long to find out how to pla
  9. Dear Fenton thanks for your rapid and easy to understand explanation. I'm sure it's a question that's been dealt with a hundred times before - but hopefully some other 'newbie' trawling the site will come across your latest reply - and have an "of course - that's how you do it moment!" like I just did. I know I pick up all kinds of tips by reading through other people's questions and comments. Many Kow-Tows to the Grand Pooh-Bah! gessie
  10. Hi Again, I'm getting close to a deadline and would like to try to solve a few remaining minor issues. First, is to do with layout. I've got a series of screens that present either film clips or slides, where the screen real estate is valuable - so I can see good reasons for removing the status bar. Obviously I can navigate between records with simple "Next" and "Previous" arrow buttons on the layout. However, sometimes it would be good to know how many records I have in my found set and which record I'm currently on - information that the Status Bar always gives me. Is there a simple way
  11. Hi B Rich Thanks for that reference - I found it very interesting. I've seen those little Nightwing demos before, and always find them good to go over and try to work out what's going on. The demo provided perfectly answers my question of what to do to control things when in Preview Mode - so now I'm trawling through the various scripts trying to "reverse engineer" the effects. If only I could work out where the floating palette comes from in the first place, and how it co-exists with the Preview layout - I'd be in with a good chance! Anyway, big thanks to you for the tip! gessie
  12. Hi Vaughn, Thanks very much for your feedback. I'm still not decided about how much I want to have the status bar there - for some new users, it does seem to confuse them when things just "Pause" in the middle of a script and they have to click Continue when they think something should already have happened. Many people don't even see the Status Bar anyway - let alone the Continue button! I'm trying to work up an interface to ease people into using a database on public display in a US museum - so there will be lots of educational usage - hence the young kids - and plenty of interested pu
  13. Hi Everyone I've been setting up a User Interface made up of splash menus and Reports tied together by scripts to help new users not trained in FMP (some quite young) to navigate a FMP database to look at video-clips and a range of associated "reports". For any new user the "get me out of here" button - Go To Main Menu - is a critical support. However, some of my reports only give their best detail when they are sorted and viewed in Preview mode - which doesn't allow any buttons/scripts to operate. Now, obviously "I" know how to get out of Preview Mode and back to the Main Menu Layout, but a
  14. @bcooney Thanks very much for your thoughts on this one. Maybe what was confusing me was that when I was on my Main Menu page I could still see 848 records in the status bar - and clicking through them always gave me the same Main Menu page even though the record count would increase by one each time from 1 through to 848. Same with Found Sets - if I had 35 records in a found set and switched to Main Menu - then I could click through what seemed like 35 records - each showing the same Main Menu page. Just confusion on my part then - it seems. Always better to have a good answer than continue
  15. Hi Everyone I'm sure this is an easy one - I just can't quite work my way through it at present! I've a database with 800 records, each containing images, film-clips and related data. I want to build a couple of introductory layout pages that will help users with no prior knowledge of databases (some of them will be school-kids) to orient themselves within the database and find various useful sets of data. Let's call them 'meta-layouts' for the moment but they're just Menu pages - there's probably an actual name for them. These "Menu" layouts will only contain a background image, text lab
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