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  1. I have a contact/organizations database, and I want to list the contact's co-workers. More specifically, on the contact page, I want to list all the contacts who are members of the organization of which the current contact is a member. But I don't want to list the current contact in the list, just the coworkers. I have no problem showing all members of the organization, but I don't want to list the current contact. My relationship involves 3 tables Contacts, Org_Members, and Organizations primary IDs in the Contacts and Orgs tables equal the secondary IDs the Org_member
  2. I have 5 tables contacts groups groupmembers events donations groups can have contacts associated with them (through the join table "groupmembers"), and they can have an event associated with them. donations have a contact associated with them and can have an event associated with them. I have all these relationships set up and working, but the following relationship is giving me trouble. On the donations page, I want: A. to show all groups that the contact related to the donation is a member of. B. ALSO, groups should only show if the event related to th
  3. Hi there. I'm trying to modify a custom function called CollapseList by Michael Horak that I found on the Brian Durning website. Sample input 1: Gala 2005 Gala 2006 Sample input 2: Gala 2005 Gala 2006 Gala 2007 Sample input 3: Gala 2005 Gala 2007 Gala 2008 Sample output 1: Gala 2005, Gala 2006 Sample output 2: Gala 2005 to Gala 2007 Sample output 3: Gala 2005, Gala 2007, Gala 2008 The modification I need is for output 2 to be: Gala 2005-2007 I understand how to change the placeholder from " to " to a hyphen, I just can't figu
  4. I took a closer look at your example. Much thanks. I get it now. I'll try applying it to my database when I get a chance, and hopefully I be posting a success story soon.
  5. If you press the "archive button" on the row of the record you want to archive, a script runs placing a "1" in the archive field of that child record. This removes it from the phone number portal and adds it to the phone number archive portal. I thought it was a clever way of keeping track of old phone numbers so we don't keep entering the same bad phone number again and again. It may be the source of this problem though. And constants like these are widely used throughout this database. I've looked at the attached file and I don't fully understand what you've done yet. I see it's
  6. I don't follow. I'm not sure which table you are suggesting I add the new field in. Also I don't see how your value field relates to a contact's tags. It seems like instructions for making a checkbox instead of an X. I'm looking for the programming behind what would put an x in the portal if a contact has the selected tag. Later, I'll replace the x with a graphic of a filled in checkbox if true, or an unfilled checkbox if false. Furthermore, I'm not looking for how to create a contact's connection to a tag, rather how to display the relationship that exists. I'll take care of adding tag
  7. Thanks DJ. My tests confirm that. I'll find a workaround. Thanks all.
  8. Soren, I just double checked the constants. They are actually numbers. The constant in the parent table is a calculation that equals 1. In the child table, the archive field gets a 1 if the record should be archived, the spouse field gets a 1 if the record relates to the spouse. All these fields are number fields. No luck here.
  9. Sorry Laretta. The language is English. Case sensitivity, searching an asterisk and searching for a number in the number field yield no results.
  10. A portal would be ideal because there will actually be more fields associated with each tag record in the portal than just the tag name, modifiers like location and terms for politicians and press type and location for press, etc. Also the ability to easily create new tags without additional programming or formatting. Also sorting portals is much more robust than sorting value lists. If what I'm trying to do is impossible, or if the way to do it is klunkier than an alternative, I'll re-examine my approach, as I know there are several other ways I could do this kind of thing. Thanks fo
  11. I'm trying to create a portal that shows all possible tags for a contact as well as an "x" indicating the current contact's associated tags. To make matters slightly trickier, I'm actually trying to create several portals that each show tags of a certain type. Let's focus on one example. This description is the way the portal SHOULD work. In a portal called "Boards & Committees" the rows include the following tag names: Board of Directors Medical Advisory Board Dinner Committee Business Council In John Doe's contact record, All four of these appear, and "Board o
  12. The file is on a server at my office so I'm not able to share it at this time. I have another idea though. This portal, like many in the database is based on a relationship with multiple criteria. Specifically, the portal shows phone numbers and emails related to the "main contact" as opposed to the "spouse" who both exist in the same record, and it only shows contact info that hasn't been marked "archive". The relationship is basically contactID = contactID and constant1<>Spouse and constant1<>Archive I think the problem is the find is not smart enou
  13. Thanks. I hope you're right about portals showing a drop down list in find mode. You may have included the wrong file though, because there are no drop-down lists in find or browse mode. It does however demonstrate using a search within a portal, something that I have a separate post about. Still curious though.
  14. The data of the portal is the same for all records, so I was hoping there was a work-around. It's essentially a dynamic value list. My database involves tagging contacts. For instance a contact could be tagged "Don't Mail". I have a portal that lists all tags of a certain type. The join is a constant, "Mail Tags". If the user creates a new mail tag, it will show up in that portal on all records. In browse mode, a script adds the tag you click to the current contact's record. In find mode, I wanted the user to be able to click "Don't Mail" and it find all contacts with
  15. Whenever I enter find mode, the content of portals disappear, or there is a box from which you could perform a find. I'd like a portal to show record content while in find mode so I can script it and perform scripted finds by clicking the portal content. Is this possible? I know I could do this by creating a value list and creating a checkbox set instead, but unfortunately I need to be able to control the sorting better than the value list allows.
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