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  1. Jim Gill

    Webd URL Syntax for login screen

    To save the next person the hours of research... And the correct answer is = https://<YOURDOMAIN.com>/fmi/webd?db=<FILE_NAME>&loginerr=0&guesten=0 or more simply = https://<YOURDOMAIN.com/fmi/webd/<FILE_NAME>
  2. I just moved my solution from Server 15 to 16.03 and everything went smoothly except on small issue. My solution has a WebDirect file that users login from the web. The URL on my site is supposed to take the directly to the login screen but since the upgrade drops them directry on the WebDirect Home Screen. Am I missing something? Did something change in Server 16? This worked flawlessly in 15 Here is the link: https://fcserver.fernwoodcove.com/fmi/webd#FC_Databases Thank you in advance! Jim
  3. Are your Users logging in with the same credentials from each location? Are there multiple files being opened when logging on? How are your Users being Authenticated? This sounds like a Permissions or Dependency issue. Can you post the OnStartUp script?
  4. Jim Gill

    Email List Calculation

    Thanks Fitch - that was exactly what I needed! Sometimes I over complicate when simple is much better. Here is what I ended up with: Substitute( List( If ( flag_P1_Mailings=1; Email_Parent1); If ( flag_P2_Mailings=1;Email_Parent2 ); If ( flag_P3_Mailings=1;Email_Parent3 ); If ( not IsEmpty ( __ParentData_SuperParent::SuperParent_Email);__ParentData_SuperParent::SuperParent_Email)) ; ¶ ; "; " ) Are you talking about a self-join TO or a new Table? I see the logic however my solution has many references/dependencies to _ParentData::P{1-3}email and to move the email addresses to a new Table::field would be a huge job. Am I not understanding? Either way - thank you! You made my job a lot easier. Jim
  5. Jim Gill

    Email List Calculation

    Hello, I'm have an issue sending emails via SMTP Server using a calculation field in the "To:" field. When I use the calc my outgoing emails are filtered as spam by the hosting service. If I put the Email Field in the SMTP To: emails are sent successfully. Here is the setup: I have a Parent Table with the fields Email_Parent1, Email_Parent2, Email_Parent3 and a related SuperParent_Email. Parents can opt-out/in of mailings by selecting flag_P{1-3}_Mailings. I'm trying to to get the field Email_List output to look like this: Email_Parent1@mydomain.com; Email_Parent2@mydomain.com; Email_Parent3@mydomain.com; SuperParent_Email@mydomain.com alternatively if a record is missing an email: Email_Parent1@mydomain.com; Email_Parent2@mydomain.com What I'm getting is this: P1Email@gmail.com; P2Email@hotmail.com; Note the semicolon at the end Here is what I have for a calculation for the field Email_List List ( Case ( flag_P1_Mailings=1; If ( IsValid (Email_Parent1);Email_Parent1 & If ( IsValid (Email_Parent2);"; ";""))); Case ( flag_P2_Mailings=1; If ( IsValid (Email_Parent2);Email_Parent2 & If ( IsValid (Email_Parent3);"; ";""))); Case ( flag_P3_Mailings=1; If ( IsValid (Email_Parent3);Email_Parent3 & If ( IsValid (__ParentData_SuperParent::SuperParent_Email);"; ";""))); Case ( IsValid (__ParentData_SuperParent::SuperParent_Email);__ParentData_SuperParent::SuperParent_Email;"") ) Can someone help me clean this up please? Thanks so much! Jim
  6. Jim Gill

    License Web letter

    Still haven't received my email from FM - am I being impatient?
  7. Jim Gill

    SSL CSR & Correct Sub-domain

    Update: Problem Solved! I may have misunderstood Wim - I was deleting the *.pem files from the Admin Console. I went directly into the C:\....\Filemaker_Server\ directory and did a search for *.pem. I then deleted all the files with a modification/creation date of yesterday or today(I actually cut/pasted them into a folder onto the desktop - just in case) . I then went back to the Admin Console and clicked the Create Request button and was blessed with the dialog box in Wim's screenshot. Thanks again Wim - you led me to the solution. Best, Jim
  8. Jim Gill

    SSL CSR & Correct Sub-domain

    Thanks Wim - I have tried your suggestion (previously) as well as uninstalled and reinstalled FMS 15 and tried generating the CSR (which does happen - just without any dialog/input from me). At no time am I prompted with the dialog in your screenshot. Have you heard of anyone else having this issue on a windows machine? Could this possibly be a bug (surely someone else would have had this issue previously). Again I really appreciate your help. Thank you! Jim
  9. Jim Gill

    SSL CSR & Correct Sub-domain

    Hey Wim - thanks for the reply. I understand exactly what you're saying here but I don't get the dialog you provided in your screenshot. I only get the option to Download or Start Over and not given the option to provided the correct info. Where are you getting the dialog box in your screenshot? Thanks again! Jim
  10. I just installed FMS 15 on a Windows 2008 R2 machine - everything checked out and the install went smooth. I then purchased a Wildcard SSL certificate from Go Daddy. I generated a CSR from the FMS Admin Console and pasted the encrypted text into Go Daddy's text box to setup my SSL. Here is the problem: The CSR generated from the FMS Console set the domain as mydomain.com instead of fmpserver.mydomain.com Where does Filemaker Server Console get the information used to generate the CSR? How do I get FMS to generate a CSR with the correct sub-domain? It is a FQDN (sub) that resolves directly to the Public IP on my server. Thanks in advance for your help! Jim.
  11. Jim Gill


    Update: Mike your question was the key to the correct answer: I was able to get Insert from URL function to work using httpspost. - No plugin! Here is what is looks like: Insert from URL [No dialog; "httpspost://"&click_to_call|Selfjoin::User_Ext&":"&click_to_call|Selfjoin::User_Password&"@sipx.mydomain.com/sipxconfig/rest/my/redirect/callcontroller/"&click_to_call|Selfjoin::User_Ext&"/"&$$DialedNumber&"?"&click_to_call|Selfjoin::User_Ext&":"&click_to_call|Selfjoin::User_Password] Note that once I included the auth (click_to_call|Selfjoin::User_Ext&":"&click_to_call|Selfjoin::User_Password&"@) this made everything work - both from client and server. Thank you! Jim
  12. Jim Gill

    HTTPS website interaction

    You can POST data by the "Insert from URL" script step: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/11626/kw/About%20importing%20data%20using%20an%20HTTP%20request
  13. Jim Gill


    Hello Mike - From the SipXcom Wiki http://wiki.sipxcom.org/display/sipXcom/Call+Control+Web+Service: Services If you are issuing the curl command from a trusted host ( i.e. one where sipx proxy is running) please use only HTTPS (no authentication is required). From a non-trusted host you must authenticate the curl command with Digest authentication. There are some examples with notes in the source directory. Download the source code from svn and take a look at the scripts in sipXcallController/test 6666 is the HTTPS port. 6667 is the HTTP port. You can use either HTTPS or HTTP when issuing the curl command from a non-trusted host. Since version 4.6 you should use the redirector in sipxconfig as using port 6666 seems deprecated. The REST interface can be reached (using digest authentication) on http(s)://<host>/sipxconfig/rest/my/redirect/callcontroller etc. Also I have now managed to get httppost to work but NOT how the wiki at Sipxcom direct the URL to be written. I'm starting to think it may be more of a Sipxcom issue than FMP. Here is the syntax that works for my Click to Call script: "httppost://mydomain.com:6667/callcontroller/"&click_to_call|Selfjoin::User_Ext&"/"&$$DialedNumber&"?"&click_to_call|Selfjoin::User_Password Thanks for any advice or leads you can give me. Also the progression of my post at Sipxcom forum can be found here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/sipxcom-users/click$20to$20call/sipxcom-users/hPB6b2LnnIk/2dDQ4UqUIDkJ Jim
  14. Hello All, I have a script that passes a url to an IP/PBX (Sipxcom) which will then ring the user and once the user picks up the phone, will place the call to a phone number the user clicked from the FMP CRM. Its pretty slick. My only issue is that I cannot get httpost or httpspost to work. I can get the script to work correctly with Troi URL plugin from both client and run on FMPA Server. Here is the syntax for the Troi plugin (which works): TURL_POST("";"http://mydomain:6667/callcontroller/"&$userextension&"/"&$dialednumber&"?"&$userpw) Here is what the Wiki say from Sipxcom http://wiki.sipxcom.org/display/sipXcom/Configuration+RESTful+Service: Sample php Click to Call Code: <?php $to="101"; //Number to dial $from="5001"; //userid in sipx $pass="1234"; //sipx pin (NOT SIP password) //replace sipx.gcgov.local with your sipx server $url = "http://sipx.gcgov.local:6667/callcontroller/".$from."/".$to."?isForwardingAllowed=true"; //This is the line I based my synax from. $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HTTPAUTH, CURLAUTH_DIGEST); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POST, 1); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_USERPWD, $from.":".$pass); $result = curl_exec($ch); curl_close($ch); ?> I would love to be able to just use httppost so my users could perform the script on their local machine and not have to use Troi URL Any help is much appreciated! Jim Gill
  15. Hello All - I'm late to this party but wanted to share my experience with a recent corrupt layout - that I corrupted. Basically I have a hosted file (Server Advanced 14) with a HOME layout that has evolved since FMP 5. We are all now on 14. I started adding a few Popovers to the HOME layout when 13 was launched (I really like Popovers). Last week, in a bit of haste I launched Filemaker on another users machine and did a quick font size change to one text box in the HOME layout - literally a 10 second dev. My mistake was I launched FMPA 12.xx which did not recognize the Popovers and probably didn't know how to render them. A few days ago we noticed that the Popovers were not working and as soon as I tried to do anything in Layout mode (FMPA 14) - Filemaker crashed. I tried to Recover the file - everything checked out. I couldn't delete, move or edit the popovers or anything the Popovers were interacting with (Tabs in my case). I could delete all other objects on the layout - just nothing the popovers were associated with. All the other layouts in my file were fine and worked as they should. I could delete the corrupt layout BUT it would break the hundreds of script steps that reference the HOME layout in my file. My file is massive (3.2 gigs) with a couple hundred Tables and we were looking at pulling a non-corrupt backup and shutting down for about two days while we imported our data into the non-corrupt file. It was looking pretty ugly. In a last ditch effort I went back to the machine with FMPA 12, opened the file and was able to delete the corrupt Popovers - and then everything went back to working as it should... I know this isn't Best Practices but so far all is good. I have saved the non-corrupt backup file so if I run into problems down the road I can still go to the import option. Also I have set the File to option to 13.0 and higher only. I found this tread when looking for solutions last week and thought I would add my experience and maybe save someone a trip to the psychiatrist - it may be temporary but I will report back if further corruption is found. Good luck out there! Jim .

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