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  1. Got it! Thank you for the enlightenment - totally makes sense now that you have said it. You probably just saved me at least an hour of frustration in some future scripting endeavor! Thanks again!!
  2. Mainers are really having a hard time with this social distancing thing - we are not use to being so close to so many people. Had to take a break and head for the north woods for a couple of weeks. I was hoping for some insight on this one. Is this a bug? Can anyone reproduce this behavior or is it just me? Thanks in advance!
  3. @Comment I'm not a developer (just love FMP - ehh Claris) - curious why the three steps and not just the single step? So replace the quoted above with this: Perform Find [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: Employees::DateOfBirth; Substitute ( Get (CurrentDate) ; Year ( Get (CurrentDate) ) ; "*" ) ][ Restore ] Appreciate your insight!
  4. This makes the assumption that the field "Birthday::C_Birthday" has a format of mm/dd/year: Allow User Abort [ Off ] Set Error Capture [ On ] Go to Layout [ Birthday List ] Set Variable [ $bdate_find; Value: Let ( [ ~bday = Day ( Get (CurrentDate)); ~bmonth = Month ( Get (CurrentDate)) ];~bmonth&"/"&~bday&"/*" ) ] Perform Find [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: Birthday::C_Birthday: “$bdate_find” ][ Restore ] If [ Get (LastError)=401 ] Exit Script [ ] Else Go to Record/Request/Page[ Firs
  5. In the Add Account Function -> Password, I place a default, temporary (user has to reset pw on login), password of "camp1234" - notta - Still getting "authentication failed on database". If I reset the password for the account (Security Console) everything works as expected. I added Reset Account Password (with the Custom Function pw generator) immediately following Add Account function in my script - everything works as expected. While this is a temporary "fix" - something is really weird - I can't find anything on the web about this sort of behavior. @bcooney I see you ar
  6. Yes - Account is created and enabled. Permissions/Extended Privilege's sets are correctly enabled - again - if I reset the password for the newly created account - the user is able to login in both WebD and fmapp.
  7. Hello All, I have a very old script (fmp 10?) that creates User Accounts and assigns Privilege Sets. The users are then able to Login via WebDirect (primarily). The Add Account function is used with the following parameters: Add Account [ Account Name: _Parent Data::Parent1_Email_TrimAndRemoveReturns; Password: _Parent Data:: Parent1_WebPassword; Privilege Set: Web_User ] [ Expire password ] The Password is temporary (for first login only) that is randomly generated via Custom Function. Users are required to change their password on first login. The account is cre
  8. Thank you so much Comment - this was the correct answer! ******* carriage returns - they get me every time! Thank you again!!
  9. This is probably one of those questions which separates me from people that make money as developers and those that don't (that would be me). I have a simple script that compares two variables. The variables are populated with text (Peoples Names). Basically, if the the two variables are TRUE (the variables are equal) I want to stop the script. Despite the two variables being equal - the IF continues. I have noted when I use the same numbers to populate the variables - the script works as expected. Please tell me Filemaker is smart enough to evaluate text in variables. Below is the my
  10. Hello All - I have a wildcard cert from Godaddy for my domain. I have successfully reinstalled this cert on Server 17 by using the White Paper from Steven & Wim - thank you! My issue is this: I would like to use the certs/key on other machines/platforms but adding the keyfilepass is causing issues with my linux firewall -> PFSense. I have tried omitting the keyfilepass option however the CLI tells me this is a problem. Is there a way to generate the CSR without using the keyfilepass option? This would give me more options on the other machines. Thank you! Jim
  11. Thanks Fitch - yeah it is a tough one. The only thing I have really come up with is running the same scheduling script multiple times and comparing the mean Rank (temperature) and selecting the higher value. The order campers are scheduled is randomized each time (to be fair). This would be random optimization of the schedule instead of optimizing the existing schedule. There are coders for hire out there that specialize in Simulated Annealing but I have yet to find one that can help me with a FMP script. I will get this eventually (or someone I hire will) - watch this space. J
  12. Hello Left Brainers - I have a solution that schedules 230 campers (we are a summer camp) into six activity periods each day. There are several conditions that must occur for a class to be scheduled. For example: The class must be open, the camper must be in the appropriate grade, the class must have space - and there are others as well. When all the classes are scheduled there are always kids that have blanks where the scripting could not put a class in their schedule for various reasons. We are able to fill the blanks by manually looking at ALL the kids schedules and movi
  13. To save the next person the hours of research... And the correct answer is = https://<YOURDOMAIN.com>/fmi/webd?db=<FILE_NAME>&loginerr=0&guesten=0 or more simply = https://<YOURDOMAIN.com/fmi/webd/<FILE_NAME>
  14. I just moved my solution from Server 15 to 16.03 and everything went smoothly except on small issue. My solution has a WebDirect file that users login from the web. The URL on my site is supposed to take the directly to the login screen but since the upgrade drops them directry on the WebDirect Home Screen. Am I missing something? Did something change in Server 16? This worked flawlessly in 15 Here is the link: https://fcserver.fernwoodcove.com/fmi/webd#FC_Databases Thank you in advance! Jim
  15. Are your Users logging in with the same credentials from each location? Are there multiple files being opened when logging on? How are your Users being Authenticated? This sounds like a Permissions or Dependency issue. Can you post the OnStartUp script?
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