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  1. well, thanks for your reply, I'm sure it IS at the beginning of every database curriculum .. I simply haven't taken that class. What I would be curious to know now though are what the underlining statements are that you are making Soren. I hear a few and just want to make sure I'm not putting words in your mouth. Are you saying that everybody who hasn't been trained in databases shouldn't come on here and ask questions? Is it a waste of your time? I just want to make sure I conform by the forum's rules. My impression was that people come here to get help, simply for the obvious fact that
  2. Thanks a lot guys, worked out nicely. Your help is much appreciated, as always. Soren, are you asking what my skill level is or are you questioning my self indicated skill level on my profile? I suppose I had to take a stab at classifying myself for lack of precise guidelines. My thinking was that I'm able to understand the solution you guys present to me, which makes me a bit more than a beginner and yet I very obviously can't come up with it myself, hence only intermediate .. if that assessment misses the mark by a long shot, let me know, I have no problem with downgrading myself to roo
  3. Hi All, I seriously couldn't come up with a better way of describing the type of relationship I am looking for. The scenario is as follows: 2 tables: table 1 - students (sname, enrolled course) table 2 - courses (cname, cstartdate, enrolled students) What does my relationship model have to look like to be able to: A) have a student layout, one record being a single student. A portal to all courses that student has enrolled in. : have a courses layout, one record being a single course. A portal to all students that are enrolled in that course. Any help greatly a
  4. my apologies .. here's a little file with a data input layout and a print/pdf layout .. what I'd like to see is the print/pdf layout to display (or not display) the little boxes with the three fields in it depending on whether the radio button has been set to applicable or non applicable my setup may be completely off, I'm approaching this from an end result point of view because clearly I have no idea how to do it thanks very much, Mat FM_sample.fp7.zip
  5. and by 'be do' I mean 'we do'
  6. aah b, to the rescue once again, what would be do sans you .. thanks for your post okay, simplest case: the report has a name field followed by a group of fields as follows: radio button field another group of fields: radio button field I want to print a PDF where, depending on the radio button selections the particular 'group of fields' prints or does not print. I hope I'm clearer this time, thanks for your help again Mat
  7. Good Day, I'm trying to create PDFs from a simple data input mask. For simplicity, I have a few fields pertaining to the originator of the report followed by three blocks of fields pertaining to separate aspects of the report. Each of these three 'blocks' of fields has one field that can either be 'applicable' or 'non applicable'. What I'm trying to do is create a function to print/save a PDF that checks whether the 'block' is applicable or not and then omits or includes that block in the PDF. Any help greatly appreciated! best, Mat ps: I'm trying to not have to create
  8. So, I'm kinda reviving this thread here .. still linking an image into a calculation field (with result container) .. This time I'm curious as to how I control the 'file not found' message .. I'd like to let the user know that they in fact haven't put a file in that particular folder rather than the system telling it that it can't find it .. Is it possible to do such a thing? I tried to put an if statement into the calculation: if( get(lasterror) = xxx ; 'link to no file found image' ; 'link to actual image') I tried various error codes (instead of the xxx) but
  9. thanks b, I'll work through your solution and see what I can come up with. I never considered using views rather than searches ... ingenious, so much to learn }:(
  10. Good Day, I have a database of hazardous materials. Some of the fields include: owner, chemical name, quantity etc. I have also activated IWP for people to go in and change their own inventory (ingenious, I know). A log in script filters for their 'stock' only and then can add and delete or edit. Now: IWP Accounts (online privilege set based - restricted access) are created automatically through the 'owner' field. The PWs are created based on the owner field plus a numeric string. So far, everything's going great .. I'm wondering now how I can automatically delete such a
  11. wow that took me a while .. thanks so much though .. worked my way through it have a good weekend! Mat
  12. Hi all, I'm trying to defint the values of one drop down field by the selection made in the first drop down field. e.g. 1st drop down: course name, 2nd drop down: course starting date When choosing a certain course in the 1st, I'd like the second value list to only include the starting dates that pertain to that course (since the course could be offered multiple times, it's ok to have multiple starting dates in the 2nd drop down, but I want to eliminate dates from 'other' course names) thanks for your help, Mat
  13. got it, haha, sometimes writing things down alone helps Graphic Format command is where to look
  14. apologies, it's a calculation field with result container, there we go .. formatting issue remains
  15. Morning. I'm linking images into a container field by inputting a link into the container field with the result being an image. This has been discussed on this forum before and works like a charm. I can however (for the life of me) not figure out how to 'center' that resulting photo within the container field. Can anyone give me a hint? much appreciated M
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