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  1. No it's still not working. Is there any information or setting that need to be adjusted within the Lookup? I'm trying to take a wholesale order and upon pressing "New Order" I want the order form, which is another table within the document, to auto-populate certain fields. This seems like it should be simple, but I'm honestly have a hard time with it. Appreciate your patience!
  2. OK I lied, it won't see to auto enter from a different table even though they are related. What am I doing wrong?
  3. This probably gets asked all the time, but is there an equation that would allow me to enter a quantity in an item field and in the quantity total it would multiple that number by 8 or 12, etc.? i.e. 1 six pack = 6 beers in the total?
  4. Thanks for all your help!! Problem solved
  5. The example was very helpful, but as the file was non modifiable I couldn't go in and pick it apart. I'm still trying to work through it. Could you clarify a little more on local?
  6. Alright, everything appears to be set up correctly. However the selection is listing the appropriate names, but when I click on them I'm still getting the animal. Is there some small detail I have over looked? i.e. selecting "poodle" shows up as "dog"
  7. Is if possible to have 2 value lists available to one field? If Field 1 = Cats Then field 2 = Cat Value List If Field 1 = Dogs Then field 2 = Dog Value List
  8. Yes this if for relationships. Could you give me a broader example?
  9. How can I take pieces of fields to generate an ID? Example: First: John Last: Smith Company: Every Company Street: 123 E. Main St City: Springfield State: IA Zip: 54321 ID: EC123IA (Company-Street-State)
  10. Still banging my head against the desk... would it be worth generating two invisible fields? One being dependent on complete = "yes" and one being complete="no". So then the Returned = estimate - actual if complete = "no" Is that even possible?
  11. Helpful but I still have questions. This discrepancy issue is a little more challenging then I expected it to be. Now I have summaries of different areas of the budget, Estimated High, Estimated Low, Returned, and Actual. Although all this information appears on the same page I want to be able to run summaries of the actual costs against the estimated high to return a useful discrepancy. At the same time I want to run summaries for estimated high and returned (which are incomplete records).How do I get my actual to only calculate estimated high summaries on complete records. "If" calculation
  12. What would be the best way to show discrepancy with Filemaker? If I'm over or under budget what would be the best way to format my calculations to show this? i.e. if my calculation returns an over budget number
  13. For my database if I wanted to place an order from a consumer's profile page, what is the best way to pull all their information from their profile into the order form? Ideally I'd like to be able to change contact information in the order form as needed.... but not always. I don't want to get locked into the information that pulls over. Thanks!! You guys are so helpful
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