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    Tabular Layout

    Thanks for example, I tried to run it but I'm not seeing any totals appear for some reason. Also my intention is not to allow the user to switch the ordering of the months. The example you provided me was exactly what I was looking for, except that he manually layed out the columns Jan-Dec What I'm trying to accomplish is that if my dataset only has dates in the months of June and July, I only want two columns to appear. Thanks, -dave
  2. dave1

    Tabular Layout

    I'm still having some trouble with dynamic columns based on months. Can you offer any suggestions? I've been trying to play around with repeating fields and the Extend function with no luck = thanks, dave
  3. dave1

    Tabular Layout

    When I mean dynamic I just mean that the data might start in feb, roll over into a different year and last only several months.
  4. dave1

    Tabular Layout

    Say I have two subsummaries, for the total hours worked. One is for Employee, and the other Month of the year Is there a way to setup the layout so that the employees are the rows, and the months of the year goes across as the columns? Below is what I'm trying to do. eg.. ---------| Jan | Feb | Mar | Total Employee1| 50 | 2 | 24 | 76 Employee2| - | 1 | - | 1 Employee3| - | - | 12 | 12 --------------------------------- Total | 50 | 3 | 36 | 89 The layout of the months should be dynamic. Thanks, -dave
  5. And to open a file dynamically? thanks, dave
  6. Thanks for the reply, An additional question, is there anyway to save a copy of the database using a dynamic name from field or script parameter?
  7. How can I execute a script whenever the person changes their layout? I want each layout to sort records differently. thanks, dave
  8. nm ... I was using the wrong employee identifier field
  9. I'm having a few issues of setting up the following sub summaries First the ct_monthyear isn't being sorted properly ie. December 2006 is before November 2006 (it's alphabetical) Secondly, after I add the employee sub summary i only see one employee showing up and one grand total. Instead of a list of employees and each of their totals. Thanks, Dave
  10. Thanks for the reply, I don't have filemaker pro @ home, so I'll try tomorrow. Also since I can't try it out I'm wondering if this is possible: For each time entry if I added a text field describing an activity that was completed for the day. Is it possible to generate the following reports 1) Employee, and a unique list of activities they have completed 2) Employee, and a unique list of activities and a sum of the total hours spent performing htis activity 3) Employee, and a list of activies they have completed and the total hours on a per week basis etc.. - thanks,
  11. I currently have setup an employees table with a unique identifier, first and last name. Visually --------------------- | Employee --------------------- | id | first name | last name --------------------- It has a relation to a Time Entry table which contains an employee identifier, a date, and the number of hours worked that day --------------------- | Time Entries --------------------- | employee_id | date | hours --------------------- Now I want to create a layout to summarize the data but at different granularities. Eg. One report
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